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  1. this is where i share my art when i remembeer to use the forums to start with... take THIS piece of work that's half complete and filled with learning curves and impatience
  2. @Aboshedab a security officer arrived somewhere in the chaos and i gave him the pinpointer, told him to find the disk.
  3. I have to agree -- instead replace them with something that does less damage but is more useful... EX: Bola Rounds that go around the ankles maybe? Default tracking rounds - Temperature changing rounds, (hot or cold) Stuff Like That would be really cool, and better.
  4. bonus addition: Goldman caught the burglar, remained on the blob-infested station with his diamond shiny golem. AND got the disk back!
  5. hi to give my own context, as the player of Goldman, there are a few key things there was no security until the final 30 minutes of the round. the burglar had robbed Goldman right in front of him, then aimed a weapon at him and skedaddled away. it was a 6 hour round, and not only that, it was Code Green the whole time - with crew voting to continue with a 1/5 or 1/3 split every time there was a vote. and a small ooc note: i did not know blobs grew infinitely, so when i told engineering to just seal it off, i was thinking i knew they could. thi
  6. an absolutely mutiny-inducing blob
  7. I definitely recommend digging a LITTLE more into the extremer side for the Eternal, if you're interested. It's vibrant and clear and benevolent in its hunger, and to have something that's so hungry be treated in a holy way can be very intriguing. Ofc I am an avid encourager of the more extremist roleplay groups that encourage their own uniqueness compared to other people on station, so this CAN be thrown out as an outlier suggestion. also i am so tired while writing this, it might show. i've liked your roleplay you've done with your characters and have interacted w/ your nymphs once
  8. BYOND key: Sleepy Wolf Discord name/id: sleepy wolf#6669 Borg / AI names: Akino = Glitchy sounding processor-heavy Station Autopilot that recites the Trasen & Corp Deep Space Survival Procedure And Protocol Manual Asimo = Giant trash can fat Wall-E that's not even the same machine it originally was. All replaced parts. Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Yes Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: because i enjoy playing my AI with processing issues, and like to RP AI consciousness based on processing power allocation and subsystems and all that. A
  9. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi#Societal_Gender_Expectations https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi#Marriage these too
  10. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Unathi_Honor Today, I bring upon you from our Lore Kitchen on a silver platter, the Honor Page Facelift. Served with a healthy Consistency Wine, with a dappling of Narrative Cohesiveness and Theming, our fantastic lore chef @jade-2562 has brought this full meat platter of Honor Meat. it tastes FANTASTIC in my brain. come have a sip, lords and ladies.
  11. i was the golem, and i promised some sort of "secrets" the time spent damaging the station was a brute force way to gather these materials - bluespace crystal dust, the hand teleporter, and several other 'anomalous' items that i was going to combine into a weird 'bluespace anomaly' thing that would end in my death, hopefully leaving behind some Scientific Anomaly the admins might have spawned if i prayed and asked enough for it. i believe Osteen was hoping for that end goal - but i was also being VERY vague about EVERYTHING, and he did try and personally tell the golem to 'chill the
  12. Sorry this took so long, I enjoy your application! Structuring it like this shows how Kele kinda views their life in chunks, and how life is so different in each part of it. You've also shown what the character is like, some of their ideals, and a ton of work that shows you've thought of their viewpoint and can roleplay it. Accepted! I hope you enjoy playing unathi, and create plenty of interesting stories.
  13. Hizoni Razi has been added to the notable unathi page, and the whole page in general has been slightly reformatted. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Notable_Unathi#Hizoni_Razi.2C_Izweski_Spymaster
  14. Very interesting and shows an understanding of valued aspects we strive to push forward in Unathi. Accepted
  15. I really like all these responses, and so you deserve to play Unathi! Everyone else asked so many good questions and you gave so many good answers. I'm pretty surprised how fast it occurred. Accepted! It should be up and ready for you by next round.
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