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  1. accept this small morsel of horrible paragraph structure as my contribution to helping understand issues. In analyzing why I joined this complaint and reading the rest of the posts explaining why the miscommunications happened, I realized most of the issues aren't just Jackboot, but other people who influence Jackboot or talk through Jackboot to the team. I'm going to remain in the sidelines since I'm having to work through real life duties, but I generally understand the reason for the complaint and joined it because of the miscommunication with the deputy slot for Nursie. I also agree JB puts a lot of his own politics into things, and is easily influenced by people he likes. Aut'akh for example, a huge chunk of the loreteam was basically calling for them to be reverted from lore, if we'd put it up for vote at the time I'm sure it would've been about a 66% majority to remove or decanonize them, however I'm biased against them. If we need data on it, I say we put a vote into the current staff lore channel to see how people feel now, a few months later. I understand we might not be a democracy, but if the majority of staff who understand lore believe something doesn't fit I think they should be heard and something should happen. Anyways, a lot of these issues are possibly more team-based, if this complaint does anything it should start making us staff begin actively analyzing things we do more, as well as calling out people who do - which I think people have done in the past with JB, I don't have the receipts on those. i'm tired there's my words they may not make sense since i've been up for 30 hours i'm a college student
  2. they roleplay well and are cool, nikit can reasonably be an RD, seems good
  3. "This will not give more character variety." I disagree, adding the 'Spacers' would encourage even more variety by giving expectations to what they are, "Hey, I CAN be a spacer." It's like selecting a class in DND, when you play a Paladin or Cleric you're expected to be lawful. It's the same, except with an expected history instead of expected alignment. There's probably a better thing to explain it, but I do have to say adding them would definitely give me more mechanical backing to roleplay I'd want to do, and we should have more mechanical backing to things. On the topic of bloat, I don't look at the species list and think "Gosh, that's too much!" I believe in terms of code, it doesn't hastle the server, and in terms of lore, they're basically already in lore. please let me play a worm lady that cant stand in 1g
  4. if this happens, i'd also like the maintenance to the right of the bar expanded and given more maze-like stuff, and trashier.
  5. I really like your application, and Quorrdash has a lot of flavour to him! Application accepted! If you want to join the Skrell discord and talk about skrell lore, along with future skrell plans, it's in the #affiliated-channels of the main discord server. You can join even if you don't have a whitelist!
  6. PLEASE GOD YES. Make it a preset list of various added characters or something. A headless spacer, a skeleton in a kilt with a sword, a shimmer of blackness, Muhawir Nawfal
  7. Hi! I like your essay on criminal aspects a lot, and think it would fit very will into our lore. That addition will add a lot of new possible skrell characters, and I've actually already made a character with the concept of it and enjoyed it a lot - I also feel like you'd fit well into the lore team, so, accepted! Welcome to the team!
  8. I absolutely know you can roleplay this species very well, and this application is very good at incorporating lore into a functional story. Application accepted! If you want to join the Skrell discord server and contribute to frequent discussions on lore/learn about skrell memes, here's that. https://discord.gg/cM2HP5z
  9. A Skrell Lore Deputy position is open! This would bring you into the team should you be accepted, and would allow you to more heavily influence the future of Skrell. Applicants will be requested to create a 2 page essay size 12 font in sans serif. i.e. Calibri, or Arial. This essay can be about any topics in Skrell lore, including additions and modifications you'd suggest or bring. To apply, post your application in the Developer Applications forum with your essay in the additional comments section using the format here:
  10. Areas need more lightswitches! Primarily areas like the Kitchen, Bar backroom, yes.
  11. what they said they work well as a team too and deserve love
  12. I like your answers a lot, and definitely feel you can handle it. Accepted! If you want to join the council and suggest anything or bring up negatives in skrell lore, you can join the skrell discord if you want! https://discord.gg/cM2HP5z
  13. I know your ability to roleplay from seeing almost all of these characters, somehow all of them are memorable while still just - being there. The application is simple, but I believe you can handle it. Application accepted! If you'd like to join the skrell discord you can here, it's not required though: https://discord.gg/cM2HP5z
  14. You've got this stuff down, can't wait to see you around. Application accepted! If you'd like to join the skrell discord you can here, it's not required though: https://discord.gg/cM2HP5z
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