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  1. AWWWWWWWW. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I LITERALLY GOT TEARS IN M EYES kdkjgdskglsd i love this a lot, you've done a great job. currently, Sinta'unathi is not available to diona but this will be a great example of why it should be, i'm totally using your app to persuade the others. it should be available soon-ish if this does the job. you have it down. your tree feels love,,,,, a few questions though: are they pacifist, are they religious (Th'akh, Sk'akh or other?), do they follow all unathi codes of honour and culture and all that? i'm sure you have an answer for all this but just want to make sure
  2. very good, very enjoyable! i love it so much. the news vans are SO CUTE. i know you'll do a good job roleplaying, and my input on this app is +1, you've got it down. i might be biased, you made me blush. i'll wait for yonni to get to this :uwu:
  3. Such a cute story, so interesting too! Did you take inspiration from the Halo franchise? I love it! You don't have to answer anything here it's just a cluster of ideas I'm throwing out for you: Each nymph in the body is an individual, what keeps them all together, do they have differences? The thing keeping them together can be that they're just really great friends or something, or grown from the same singular nymph, but you stated they were all from somewhere else. Maybe what keeps them together is their desire to not be doing nothing, maybe they're happy not to be in the empty vastness of space, bored and alone... OK i'm very tired but I hope you think about a lot of your characters things and emotions, Diona CAN be emotional like humans, and so if you want to use that you can as well. Love, loss, and Halo. Someone will get to reviewing this tomorrow 👌 I just wanted to write some things, they're not coherent just ideas. +1 waiting for Yonni
  4. I don't really feel a difference of opinions is a bad thing, in fact I feel it's a good thing and can encourage a more in-depth discussion on a species (If Done Respectfully). More ideas for all of us to choose from on what we enjoy, or don't enjoy, is really cool and fun, and this goes for both the full lore team and species specific teams. @Yonnimer
  5. +1 Jessie totally had a good time with me, roleplayed amazingly. I loved the little concerns, and Jessie was actually debating with one of the other command very nicely in the round, and resolved it easily although with a nice little bit of conflict that makes roleplay cool. YEAH.
  7. Ckey/BYOND Username: Sleepy Wolf Position Being Applied For: Diona Loredev Past Experiences/Knowledge: Unathi Lore Deputy, Dionaea Loredev, Skrell Lore Deputy, Skrell Lore Dev, Vaurca enthusiast, lots of helping with articles, lots of drawing and other fun stuff Examples of Past Work: EghHg see above, stuff like the giant Skrell rework, making articles and helping with plot-points, drawing for articles and sometimes the wiki. I REALLY want to add more flavour to the different clusters of lore. What I want to do is work with different loredevs to see what they'd want from specific clusters. I want to increase the amount of clusters so that any player can create a gestalt of their own, with any personality they want, and have it be okay. Passivity and 'simply observing' is no longer acceptable in my eyes - a lack of action or drive leads to stagnation as we see now. No change will come from dionaea simply being 'observers', no roleplay comes from waiting around. One other thing I also want to add is the ability for people to be Cyclopses as Cluster Consulars and priests, the giant buff Cyclops being just a re-modeled dionaea with the ability to grow floors and walls from itself at a fast rate, as well as with less biomass lost to themselves. Work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1744r1Tjq2rh95GrXgFhoqIJumNrpNKdUHht7-7dmBuQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. I really enjoy the Vaurca consulars, the Ta are really awesome. I've made a unique character, Avaricee, who's interacted with a reasonable amount of vaurca and crew. They're trying hard to be seen as normal - it's one of the brood's main things to try and make vaurca seem normal in Tau Ceti, in menial jobs. The debate between 'Should this be normal or not' is what they're there to display. Nanotrasen wants to control them, they want to control Nanotrasen, both think they have the upper hand. But who knows how it will go? There's so much good to be had with them, and I've had loads of amazing interactions with people, talking as a mother to human mothers, caring for my Zo'ra kin like family, having little delegated food times... That sense of authority over the other Vaurca is impressive, and is definitely a way to show the species is unique in its own ways. I feel they're fine as is, and I enjoy them heavily. They deserve to stay. I'm sending this before I see the 2 other replies I literally just saw sent.
  9. One reason I wanted to apply for loredev instead of doing a lore canonization app is that I want to keep the thematic cohesion between every single piece of lore added or modified. I don't want to have the things I add feel like the only things that stick out, like a sheep painted red in a crowd. I want to paint the whole herd red, maybe even just show people they can paint their personal sheep whatever colour they want. yesssss
  10. The reason I'm applying right now is because I'm dissatisfied in current dionaea lore, and I want to throw my ideas into the ring to bring this allowance for creativity for myself and people in the future. Jumping in, throwing fuel on the fire, then jumping out isn't necessarily a bad thing - it sounds bad, but an increase in quality is still an increase in quality. I can't answer if I'll stay in the position or not, I can't say if I'll enjoy my ideas of dionaea for the first two months. But I will stay until I'm satisfied with my work, and satisfied with the places lore will go. This may be selfish, but I want to be able to enjoy dionaea and see others playing with lore in the same ways I do, from the canvas I put the base coat of paint on. I came here completely understanding that everything I bring won't be added. I'm throwing darts at a wall and seeing which ones stick best. I hope to get a few, small things in and maybe even remove a few of them if I'm convinced well enough - but I do want to discuss ideas and find out what would be easily implemented. One good example of this is, I've already thought out one of the mechanics I want added to instead just be made into something simple. A dionaea building a dionaea wall with an ability can be replaced with a more simple thing - use a nymph on a wall to make that a diona wall. This is something that, from what I understand, would be easy to code and hopefully used. this paragraph is a little Strange because i rushed it out but i hope that answers. TL;DR for that one: I'm okay with code being refused, but will debate the argument of bloat until it gets obtrusive to talk about.
  11. I don't plan on doing articles, but I do plan on making them actively seek to do things on station. An example would be - For the Royal Garden of Dominia cluster I want them to actively seek stories and gifts to bring back for Boleslaw and other Dominian royalty, while currently there is no enticement for you to do things as the current clusters.
  12. I'm thinking of rewording the names of the different forms to something more thematic to what I would change the Dionaea to - I'd keep Nymph, change Cyclops to Gestalt, make the Argus named Cyclops since they have one giant eye... I'm debating changing the biology for physique and organs to be dumbed down to something simple, with just a small cluster to explain each organ if it's even required for some of them. On origins, that'll be left a mystery.
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