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  1. FOR WEALTHY SK'AKH, MOSTLY SEEN IN NOBLE HOUSES AND CATHEDRALS/SCEPTS/CHURCHES: and for those who are a little less capable of having giant intricate statues/busts/murals/paintings of our great Three Headed God, something a little more minimalist and reserved a symbol capable of being worn, depicting the Warrior, Healer, and Fisherman for Si'akh i definitely imagine things are far more physical, with less identifying marks on the body (unless you've burnt your horns off to really show your faith) Something simple like a flaming ring that would be held up on a stick. What defenders of Si'akh hold up to guide wandering voyagers to their firebrand meetings/holdings, or maybe symbols of where Si'akh has been AND for aut'akh, the two circles make sense. Maybe... overlapping circles, more like a venn diagram. TOTALLY like all the ideas though, you spurred my creativity into thinking about this ty zundy you hairy, beautiful man. I'll have to write something up for the wiki, but would love to hear more people talk about this.
  2. Overall I think you really get the species, and you made a really interesting character I'd love to see more of on station. Great job on the application, and with responding to the questions! And thank you for being patient with me taking a look at this. Accepted! Enjoy integrating into the culture of Unathi, and if you ever want to join the unathi community discord it's in the main discord's #affiliated_groups channel. Or it can be joined here https://discord.gg/ZnrqMfG
  3. Overall, I enjoy the responses and I love the fact you're wanting to play in the Compact. You seem to understand the unathi vibe, and I'd love to see your character in game! Enjoy!
  4. totally vibed w them, i was betlejuice and like it felt good. saw some stuff in an antag round and they didnt like, shut down shit, so real cool. yea
  5. I really enjoy the story, it's great. You definitely have the right idea for Unathi, and even understand women and the struggles of everything around that. As a Guwan, you'd have to have your last name be Guwan, because if the courts on Moghes have decreed you a Guwan they'll document you and send the paperwork towards Tau Ceti. Just letting you know. ANYWAYS ACCEPTED. Enjoy Unathiness
  6. i spoke to Shadow and the character is not going to be Izweski, because the Izweski clan would lose a bit of 'clan name value' if just any Izweski was on station. I think looking over the app and the responses to questions, as well as the interest they seem to have in learning the lore/playing Unathi, this is going to be accepted. ENJOY. It should come about by the next round after the current one.
  7. Coronation of the 68th Hegemon, The Tomb of the Rulers of Moghes Not’zar Izweski is soon to be the 19th Izweski to become Hegemon, and 68th since the reign of the First Hegemon, Tryazali of the Kres'ha'nor. The beginning of the ceremony started at sunrise today in Skalamar, with Not’zar following the traditional path through the Tomb of the Ruler of Moghes. Further ceremonies will continue throughout the week, and many will be broadcast galaxy-wide through holonet, or visible in the skies above Moghesian cities as holograms. The coronation has several steps that Not’zar has to go through - beginning with the Ancestral Path through the Tomb of the Rulers of Moghes. The Tomb is located in the Noble District’s underground catacombs, which stretch through the underground. Not’zar was followed by priests who came to his side during the Civil War, with the oldest among them adding a piece of jewelry for every Izweski Hegemon he passed. After an hour inside the Tomb, the eldest priest came out with Not’zar behind him, covered in several dozen pounds of heavy gold, silvers, and hides. The elder priest began, speaking in front of a small crowd of vassals and noblemen: Not’zar looked visibly worn out from the heavy jewelry across his body and leaned on his cane heavily, but began speaking. After every name, he would take off a piece of associated jewelry that was accumulated in the Tomb. The names continued throughout the Izweski Royal line for 15 minutes. The jewelry was removed, and then a young priest would take it and return it to its place in the Tomb. Not'zar removed a luxurious and flashy gem-encrusted belt. At this point, Not’zar had reached a final piece of jewelry. A simple, circular red gem on a plain ring. The gem seemed to glow prismatically as the rising sun reflected off of it. The priest took the ring from Not’zar, and gave it to a younger man who went back into the Tomb. After this, the elderly priest spoke. With this, the Ceremony of the Tomb of the Rulers of Moghes ended. The Coronation of Not’zar Izweski is the first to be broadcast publically across the galaxy, and holoprojectors have been set up on Behemoth blimps to display the affairs to the populace of Moghes. Three Behemoths currently fly above Skalamar showcasing the ceremony throughout the week, and a dozen others have been sent to fly above other cities to celebrate. After this ceremony, Hizoni Razi spoke to human reporters stating… Next is the Ceremony of Sk'akh, which traditionally would take place in the Great Scept of Sk'akh, however since the Great Scept was burnt down in the civil war, it is unknown how the ceremony will proceed.
  8. so, i've taken a good read over this. it was a really good read and overall you had a big understanding of unathi lore! you understand the complexity of unathi life, the traditionalist nature embodied in their culture, and the mindset of a working unathi. i also unironically enjoy the character and know you can roleplay well accepted
  9. so, i've taken a good read over this. it was a really good read and overall you had a big understanding of unathi lore! you understand the complexity of unathi life, the traditionalist nature embodied in their culture, and the mindset of a coldblooded alien. however... you didn't include the source for your images, so... denied sorry thank you. apply again in a year
  10. Not'zar Izweski Makes An Announcement As the sun set across the Izweski Citadel in Skalamar, a crowd of noblemen and camera crews came to stand in the Royal Square below. After some time with no word from the Izweski following the controversy of the previous month, the silence was once again broken as Not’zar arrived to the balcony, flanked by his Mother and a guest, the azure Hizoni Razi of the Razi Merchant's Guild. Lady Razi is most well known for saving Not'zar from an assassination in 2459, and is the third daughter of Guildmaster Razi. Not'zar started his announcement by first thanking the city garrison for keeping the capital safe in these trying times and then began his speech. Not'zar adjusted his ornamented cane as he paused, surveying the journalists and noblemen in the crowd. With that, Not’zar Izweski stepped away into the citadel. From behind him, the azure Hizoni Razi stepped forward and spoke for a moment. The crowd outside the Citadel cheered, and then after a few moments began chanting the Izweski clan motto, “Honor, Fire, Burn thy Fear.” Already, citizens of Skalamar have put back up the Izweski banner outside their windows next to their own clan banners. Local news stations across Moghes have been hosting segments where they discuss all of the moves Not’zar has done to secure the Hegemony, with a large number of them receiving positive feedback. Respect for clan Izweski has increased greatly since last month, according to Guild experts. The Coronation ceremony seems to already be in preparation, with the Razi Family (known for heading the Merchant Guilds) being seen moving in large amounts of supplies to the capital. It’s unknown how Not’zar will follow Izweski Hegemonic Coronation Ceremony tradition with the Great Scept of Sk’akh’s destruction, the area still simply being rubble and foundation.
  11. I definitely do want to work on keeping things consistent at some points, for arcs in the past definitely. However, there are SOME things I'd want to work on - not things talked about in articles, but just primary points like the origins of the Aut'akh. I don't feel like I have a concrete place on reworking Aut'akh, but I'd want them to end up in almost the exact same position they're in right now, and with the same vibes... hopefully all i'll have to do is add some cultural things and artwork to help liven it up, though. I didn't bring up the Grim Compact but I should have - i'd have plans for redistributing their same stuff to possibly somewhere else or something. i'll go with the vibes of the ocean like the great pirates once did with the stars or some sht
  12. you might be right here, i simply saw similarities in how the Aut'akh and the Vaurca might go about battle and thought they might have some 'mutual understanding' with that. they would definitely not be besties, but notable warriors would definitely come about on both sides. and, the actual physical conflicts would bring active movement to their ideas pushing forward. Gakal'zaal is one situation i haven't kept completely up to date on, since i always thought of it as a work in progress and didn't want to get too interested until it was complete. however, it would interest me in multiple ways depending on how it goes or what's been planned/done so far.
  13. something to go off of, is the idea that diona are a great example of... 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts' - stuff like that. so, nymph health doesnt have to equal the gestalts health
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