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Friday, 15 January 2458


Providence Foundation Denounces 'Gruber Bill'

Derek Genette, Correspondent

PHOENIXPORT - Today, Providence Foundation chairwoman Claire Cheung issued a formal statement on behalf of her organization in response to the System Assembly's passing of the Shell Registration Act, or 'Gruber Bill' on Wednesday. The Act will legally mandate that all shell-enabled IPCs in Tau Ceti space be electronically tagged, and registered with a government database.

Joined by the organization's project directors at the podium in her Phoenixport headquarters on Biesel, Cheung offered a scathing review of the Assembly's decision.

"The decision of the Assembly on Wednesday to pass this legislation is a declaration that after centuries of progressive social justice, in an age of enlightened moral understanding, we choose to remain an ignorant, bigoted and frightened society."

Cheung went on to appeal directly to Joseph Gruber, Traditionalist party candidate for the presidential office and the public face of the bill, warning him against "the creation of a standard that encourages the treatment of nonhuman sentient life as livestock."

The Foundation, which actively supports improved civil and personal rights for IPCs and unlawed AI, also criticized Hephaestus Industries for its government contract in relation to the bill. The corporation is being contracted by the Republic to manufacture the tamper-resistant tag devices that will be fixed to shell-enabled IPCs.

"As long as we remain firmly in the grips of fear and special corporate interests, we can't hope to look or move forward. The collusion of Traditionalist scare tactics and industrial greed are to blame for this failure of decency and sense across Tau Ceti."

While the Foundation has released a second statement clarifying its intent to comply with Republic law, there is little doubt as to the organization's stance on the new legislation. Since her statement, several local institutions and synthetic advocacy groups have publicly contacted the office of the Chairwoman to register their support.

A full transcript and video of Cheung's press conference is available on the Republican's extranet portal. At the time of this article's publishing, neither the office of Joseph Gruber nor representatives of Hephaestus Industries have offered their remarks to this agency.

Credit for linked story to our colleagues at the Mendell City Bugle

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