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Incident Report- 1/15/2458_SDallas_GNeric


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Reporting Personnel: Valorallen Vitellia

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel

Personnel Involved: Smiley Dallas Bartender (Offender), George Neric (Offender), Commander Subhash Gokhale, (Major Witness), (Other Witnesses) Anyone on the Transfer Shuttle.

Time of Incident: 9:35 Tau Ceti Standard

Real time: 1000EST 15/1/16

Location of Incident: Departures/Transfer Shuttle

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment []Assault [x]Misconduct [x]Other Disobeying Direct Orders and causing risks to any nearby personnel.

Overview of the Incident: It was about 4 minutes until the crew transfer arrived when Mister Smiley Dallas arrived at departures. He was a Bartender at the time. He had Pun Pun, the monkey that is to stay in the Bar with him to take on the transfer shuttle. I told him to return the monkey to the Bar and he did not respond for some time. I assumed he was SSD so I moved him to the bar myself. On the way back, I was taking SSD personnel to the departures when I hear Mister Dallas scream over comms, “WHERE IS PUN PUN?!”. After he said that, I told him in a calm tone that Pun Pun was to stay on the NSS Aurora during crew transfers. He then started to scream, “NO” and many other incoherent things over General Communications. I told him that I moved Pun Pun to the bar and he immediatly ran there to bring Pun Pun with us. About 45 seconds passed of silence and then he brought Pun Pun on the shuttle accompanied with George Neric, Cargo Technician I believe. They both were saying that he needed to be on the shuttle because Pun Pun had feelings and was their pet and needed to go home. Mister Dallas then proceeded to run around the shuttle dragging Pun Pun around to the point I alerted Commander Gokhale and the rest of Security to assist in removing Pun Pun from the shuttle. Commander Gokhale ordered both Dallas and Neric to cease their actions of running around the shuttle and Dallas ignored and continued dragging him around. He ran to the Starboard most part of the shuttle where I proceeded to flash him to keep him from resisting. I then had Pun Pun brought to departures. As I was walking back onto the shuttle, both Neric and Dallas came sprinting off screaming and insulting me while trying to take Pun Pun back on the shuttle. Neric ended up making it onto the shuttle but Dallas stopped me with Pun Pun in his possession screaming at me causing both Dallas and me to miss the shuttle. After the shuttle departed for the NMSS Odin, I attempted to contact a Duty Officer to see if the could send another shuttle for Dallas and me, along with possibly a Security Officer in case Dallas started getting riled up once more. During the attempts of contacting the Duty Officer over the Command channel, Dallas was screaming insults at me like, “Fuck Off, man” and things like, “I disobeyed orders from a heartless fuck like yourself!" When I attempted to talk to him and query why he disobeyed my orders to keep Pun Pun on the station.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: filed the report to Duty Officer Felix Walters once I was taken to the NMSS Odin.

Additional notes: Both Neric and Dallas were acting very belligerent during the entire situation and Agent Walters suggested I take this to a report so I did. If a Duty Officer or Odin personnel has any questions about the report. Please message me and I will try to respond in a reasonable time. I feel that those two need to learn procedure and try not to go berserk when someone is reasonably alerting them of something that has been done.

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TO: Valorallen Vitellia, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and logged, and placed within a queue for the Duty Officer corps to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a Duty Officer when and if an investigation begins.


DTG: 15-10:10-TAU CETI STANDARD-01-2458


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In the event of another occurrence of this nature should the staff refuse to follow procedure please ensure security arrests and detains on the shuttle the perpetrators along with said pet if it is not feasible to return it in time. We will then move them to the PD to serve their sentence and deduct the flight home costs from said pet from the perpetrators accounts, and future payments as needed.

Rescheduling another flight is a lengthy and costly procedure. When given the lawful option of an arrest for i111 - Failure to Execute an Order should be considered in the future given security staff involvement.

CCIA Daniel Bay

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