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Tomorrow Corporation Presents the ATOMIC Class Androids!


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(I am going to be using this as a lore basis for custom sprite applications. I'm essentially creating a company with which to roleplay all my borgs and AI as made by them. I could have posted this in lore canonization or copy and pasted it for each custom sprite, but I wanted to see everyone's opinion on this. So feel free to leave some constructive criticism. Or dont, and hurl abuse at me. I dont mind. Too much)




Greetings extraordinarily wealthy consumers! Coming all the way from Qerr'Malic we are Tomorrow Corporation, bringing you tomorrow's technology today! As a part of our new range (including the Autonomous Logistical Intelligence: Command Edition, or ALICE) we introduce a new range of robotic assistants. They come in a multitude of flavours, each with their own particular specialization and role! (Tomorrow Corporation, henceforth known as TC does not encourage tasting robots. They are flavored with metal and battery acid only.)


Quite Useful Amiable Robotic Komputer! QUARK!

Weighing just over a kilogram, Quark comes prequipped with knowledge and tools to perform a variety of engineering tasks! Fix your breaches! Fix your breeches! (time to buy a belt) Fix your bridges! Build more bridges! Build a store on your bridges, selling fridges! (license required to sell fridges) Anything thats broken, QUARK will fix! If ain't broke, then you didn't look hard enough!


Extremely Loving Extremely Caring Totally Robotic Orthopedic Nurse! ELECTRON!

Have you run out of patience? Could you honestly not give a honk whether the miner in the lobby has an alien parasite living in his unmentionables? Then thankfully, ELECTRON is here! Filled to the brim with love, compassion, and highly addictive painkillers, ELECTRON will fulfill everyones medical needs while you sit back and get knocked out by a geneticist who likes telekinesis too much.


Perfectly Reasonable Omnipotent Terrorist Order Negotiator! PROTON!

Pesky Vox raiders got you down? Is there a huge firefight out in space and the the only hardsuit is Mark Syions, and smells of body odor? Send PROTON instead! Fully equipped to "negotiate" with criminal scum in the loosest or strictest sense of the word. Power complex not included.

All our units come assembled with easy sync AI buttons and charged power cells. Buy now and get a free Tomorrow Corporation tinfoil hat!

2 year warranty invalidated upon modification by any crewmember, trained robotics expert or not. Tomorrow Corporation takes no responsibility for actions taken by units slaved to a malfunctioning AI unit.

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