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RESEARCH NOTES: Floral Somatoray

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Floral Somatoray Notes

By Isiah Fraser, Ph.D along with the help of Whispering Willow


How Does it Work?

The Floral Somatoray operates by showering a plant in large doses of radiation in order to effect some sort of change. It is able to accomplish this goal by exposing a radioactive Uranium core, housed within the somatoray, to a target in order to dose it with radiation. Different factors can contribute to the the amounts of radiation which is sent to a target. These factors include firstly, a filter in the somatoray's "barrel" which can effect two different settings, low and high radiation. The other factor is exposure time, as this affects the amount of rads a target will receive whereas the previous factor determines the type of radiation the target will be showered in. This paper is a collection of observations of the floral somatoray being used on various plants.



  1. It would appear the the Somatoray "feeds" Dionae. My adopted son, Whispering Willow, utilized it on himself to determine this effect. Not only does it "feed' Dionae, it can also be utilized to heal their wounds in a rapid way if they receive more serious wounds, also verified this session.
  2. It seems that the somatoray increases the yields of the harvests, as determined by being utilized on a chantrelle plant.
  3. I have been told that if a plant is given too much radiation such that it mutates, it can grow fruits which are dangerous to humans. However, this would take much much much more than the radiation used to enhance crop yields. More experimenting will need to be done on this later.

- 9 January 2458

by Isiah Fraser, Ph.D

For this session, we will be experimenting with the applications of irradiating plants in higher doses to the point where they are expected to mutate. I should have specified for the previous experiment the conditions of the testing envrionment. The atmospheric conditions were standard ATP, and there was 8 lumens in the room.


  1. To begin with, we setup two tomato plants, and mutated only one of them. We doused it in high doses of radiation and compared it to a more gentically pure counterpart. The result, as determined by a plant analyzer, were as follows.

    After four doses of high radiation:
    1. - Lifespan Decreased by Four

      - Endurance Decreased by Sixteen

[*]The mutated plant was then given four more doses of mutation type doses, but there was no change in the characteristics of the plant following this. When the fruits were harvested, the mutated plant gave noticeably larger tomatoes compared to the unmutated plant. However, all though it was noticeable, it was negligible. Only the most penny pinching farmer would consider it to have a considerable amount of extra tomato. My colleague then proceeded to repeatedly blast a berry bush with mutagenic radiation until it was noticeably radiated in a visible manner. However, the results were discouraging for anyone who may have believed such a haphazard process could create super plants. The results are as follows:

  1. - Endurance down by 41.

    - Yield doubled

    - Lifespan down by one.

    - Maturation and production times increased by one.

    - Potency reduced from six to zero.

More tests will have to be performed in a controlled environment, as the yield of the plant itself did increase by a factor of two. The next tests will have to examine the effects on a plant after considerable, if not lethal, amounts of radiation are utilized.

- 12 January 2458

by Isiah Fraser, Ph.D

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