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NT Ink Color Policy

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I'd just like to point out that black and blue are the most common ink colors. Literally no average work place explicitly tells you "use specifically blue ink" because it's an arbitrary regulation and really both useless and pointless to enforce. Same thing goes for red and really the only place I can imagine red ink being explicitly used is by an authoritative role to sign/make a correction, but it would not matter. That last sentence being said, it makes total sense for there to be no restriction on ink color, and to only enforce that if a head of staff explicitly tells you "Sign with this color" since the main reason behind that is so that the ink colors can be another point of difference; along with handwriting.

TL;DR: Color of ink shouldn't matter unless head of staff tells you sign in X color.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Echoing what Tish said. At my own work we use whatever pen we can grab. If it's illegible rainbows just call the person an ass and file it.

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