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it's been a good two years

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hello. i'm indie, tides of indigo, indietides, whatever you'd like to refer to me as.

from what i'm aware of, most people know me for how many times i've disappeared for months at a time, my previous mistakes, or how i was an all around shitty player.

i'm sorry that my stay was carried out for so long before i decided to write this.

this server, the people, have helped me made a lot of great memories. please, stop trying to contact me. i know you mean well, but it's better this way.

a majority of the people that considered me as a friend came from this server, and it's going to be hard leaving everything behind.

the most i can ask for is forgiveness from the people that i have hurt in past. you know who you are.

i've been so manipulative. i hid something about myself from others so that they would at least tolerate me. my stay was a cruel joke that went too far.

i've thought about writing this for over half of a year. all of the writing i presumed i would put here, my mind became empty when i decided to actually compose this.

if you're worried that i'll try something stupid after writing this edgy garbage, don't.

this is a somewhat more formal goodbye than just disappearing, i guess.

take care of yourself.

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