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Syion Incorperated! ((Delayed because of Canon And Shit))

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So, this will be the Story of Syion Incorperated and how it came to be.

Syion Incorperated is a AI building Company, based on High-Quality AI's and the dream of being one of the best in the Galaxy.

Two brothers: Richard Syion, Mark Syion. Built the company up to what it is today. Mark handling the Buisness side of things, and Richard handling the AI production and teaching new workers.

After making there First AI: S.Y.I.O.N. 1.0. Many were Impressed by the design and Capabilities of it, many bought the S.Y.I.O.N. Units. After one year the Company was being looked into being Bought by NT, They settled onto a Agreement that the S.Y.I.O.N. Units were to be used on NT Ships and a small amount of money was to be given to the Company.

After Richard getting fired he resigned from his Co-Founder Status in the Company, not to hurt the reputation they built up after one and a half years. Mark convinced his Cousin: Tyrone Syion. To take over the Company as CEO, Mark also went into retirement after this, now doing some work on the NSS Aurora NT interests into the Company are still High.

After Tyrone was appointed CEO of Syion Incorperated. He started a project on a new AI: S.Y.I.O.N.D.P. This project would push the boundries of AI technology to date.

A new Contract was signed with NT, Syion Incorperated would have to pay NT a small amount of money to keep up the Maintence of there AI's. (( This has no IC benifets, NT will not EVER swing to the side of the Syion's only because there are buissness partners...))

At 1:22 New Years Day 2458. The new S.Y.I.O.N.D.P was born. Pushing limits never seen before, these new models would shape the Galaxy as we know it. Syion Industries Stocks Sky Rocketed. Everyone wanted a piece of this new machinery. Syion Industries now have a Reputation.

Since these AI units are on High-Demand, But are High-Quality. Most orders could take up to years. Syion Industries have invested into Building a Factory on Biesel. Capable of building High-Quality AI units in a matter of months.

This is where the story ends. Want to leave some Feedback? Please do. I would love some new ideas to come to this.

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