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  1. BYOND Key: Coolbc2000 Total Ban Length: Infinite Banning staff member's Key: Abosh Reason of Ban: Currently unknown/forgotten Reason for Appeal: This happend around 4 years ago and cannot currently say anything about it.
  2. BYOND Key: coolbc2000 Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: Abo Reason of Ban:As a Loyalist Head of Security, conducted a very hastly execution under the guise of them being seditious and a lot of build up prior to it. The HoP was infact a new arrival who had protested the arrest of two command members and then complained about you leaving him to get shot. Murder is a tool to drive a narrative and shouldn't be done in such a manner as this. You are free to appeal this ban on the forums. Reason for Appeal: Hey lads, It's probably been a whole year. With ab
  3. I'm fully aware of my mistakes and I understand the worry. I do also acknowledge this is my last life line. Thank you again
  4. Hey Doc, Before I start, could perhaps you yourself or another Admin post the number of Notes, warnings and "Bans" I received in the year before I was banned? I would also like to point out the 17 distinct bans that I've played on here are due to Antag bans counting to total bans accounted for. I know for a fact I've never been temporarily banned 17 times, I do believe my only temp ban was an End of Round grief. So if another Admin could check that for me that would be brilliant. I can't completely remember how many Warnings I received after my year of revision, I'm positive that i
  5. BYOND Key: coolbc2000 Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: The Doc Reason of Ban: Leaving as HoS after finishing off Antag, Extensive History Reason for Appeal: Well, lads, it's another year, perhaps even an early Christmas present. Let's get this started. I've currently finished the exam period and have moved into my own House. This I felt was a good time to start an appeal. -Reasons for me now Appealing: Stable Internet connection that won't random drop like a Campus Connection. -Emergencys will still pop up there's no stopping that. But the frequency of wh
  6. BYOND Key: Coolbc2000 Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: thedococt Reason of Ban:Disconnecting as HoS (after taking care of the round?). Extensive history Reason for Appeal: Yes, I did indeed diconnect as HoS but this was not directly after I finished cleaning up after the Antags. There was a half and hour break inbetween me finishing off the Antags and the time of my Disconnection, which is due to me living in a Campus with poor network infrastructure which I can't really control myself. Should I play HoS when I'm on Campus? No, that's my fault and I'm will to take th
  7. I'll add Get to know your tools of war. This is a very important part to being robust and it has a deep learning curve. Know what burn/brute damage your weapon does at the time, count how many hits you do and apply simple math and you can figure out what state he's in. But that's only without Armour on so negative Brute/Burn... And so on, this is how you really become Robust at this game. Also when getting to know your Tools, don't be afraid to take a practice laser and move around the Firing Range while shooting at the targets, throwing in a flashbang with the laser still in
  8. I would like to point out that there's no Protocol for this. The Loreteam will all have to call a no-confidence vote against Jackboot and Jackboot ofcourse will get a say in this. Jackboot has no direct superior per say as Garn or Skull do not have any authority over the Loreteam. Coalf will have to wait until he gets kicked out of the Loreteam or he resigns himself. Just my two cents in it, you don't hire a person who does not code to be leading a team of coders, or a person who has no moderation experience directly promoted to Headmin. So hey, maybe you could join the loreteam as s
  9. I do not disagree with your ruling in total, but I think it was harsher then it should have been. I'll be playing for bit today so if you're on at all today you can have a look for yourself. It's going to be boring since I'm going to get used to my new Character. And the reason it ended up in a bloodshed is because he moved while being held at gunpoint, not his fault by the way. It ended up getting him in Crit at the end of it. The reason it ended up in a huge firefight is because he pulled out his pistol when I was typing sorry for shooting him but I don't think I was able to finish
  10. You talk as if I'm some kind of stain on the Community and try to make me out as the bad guy here. How come I am getting accepted as a Head of Staff Whitelist? Even just a few days ago my IPC App was accepted and ready to come play my new IPC today which I'm excited for. Changed my behaviour? It seems everyone else thinks so but you. And it was /very/ time sensitive. The Gimmick was a racist regime and he was speaking against my actions and protesting. Correct me if I'm wrong but you agreed with me in-game that was fine and the real point was that the execution was terrible and he wa
  11. Empire: Total War Just so I could shit on the French as Prussia and take over the USA as Britan. Top craic boo
  12. BYOND Key: Coolbc2000 Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Abo Reason of Ban: Killing a fresh spawn and rushing an execution Reason for Appeal: Oh lord who saw this coming? Now this is going to be a weird complaint because I myself can't really decide if this was a really justified Permaban from Antag or not. I believe it was made permanent for my extensive notes I have collected over the past few years and frankly I think the decision was quite rushed. I trust Abo made the right call and god forbid I don't mean any disrespect in his opinion I was Permian worth
  13. As much as I love the Laser Rifle since it's my bae, I will point this out. I would pick ballistics over Rifles any day of the fucking year, why? Shrapnel. Ballistics have a very special ability in having only to hit the person once and cause Shrapnel will on a technicality win you a firefight, as I doubt as a Antag you will be taken to Medical, healed up, then let out loose again. You will either die from Shrapnel or get Captured. Now in Schev's response, yes, Rifles are extremely busted but only to counterbalance the Shrapnel mechanic. Either pick a weapon that can win the fi
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