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Daniel Gruchy

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BYOND Key:Dhilton

Total Ban Length: 3 days

Banning staff member's Key:pumpkingslice

Reason of Ban:Showed disrespect to staff and failed to co-operate with staff in a mature and proffesional manner. 3 day ban applied..

Reason for Appeal: I said that I was wasting the moderators time, he somehow misundestood that and wrote a angry wall of text, I than (rudely) pointed out that he misunderstood me, which pissed him off further and then banned me. The moderator could have muted me from ahelp at any time, but continued to talk to me. I don't think I should be banned for 3 days because I was rude to a moderator who got pissy at me because of a misunderstanding.

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Alright, here's what happened.

You first adminhelped us, to bring to light an issue you had. We responded to your complaint; you, however, decided you were not satisfied with the answer you were provided - so you kept asking further questions pertaining to the issue, to which we did our best to provide additional answers. I saw no issue in that - it seemed that you simply weren't entirely clear on the situation, and required further clarification on the matter.

However, at some point during the discussion, this message came up:

[14:52:36]ADMIN: PM: Dhilton/(Daniel Gruchy)->PumpkingSlice/(Alex Noels): The T-Mod that I talked to before you frankly annoyed me with the inability to combat my shitty arguements, so I decided to drag it out after I stopped giving a shit so at this point, pretty much


I can assure you I was a bit taken aback by this personally. And this is where I'm going to require clarification on. Because everything in your conduct seems to direct to you having purposely attempted to waste our time by throwing arguments at us you didn't care about. And this is why you were banned - for being overly rude, and arguing for the sake of it. So if you do claim that this isn't what you were intending to do, then I'd like to at least understand what your intent was, because I'm not too clear on it.

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