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CmF's many characters (and feedback if you want to)

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I recently celebrated making my 14th character, and thought this was as good a time as any to write a post about them all. Feedback is accepted and welcomed, of course, and I'll update this post with any new characters I create. This is all OOC, by the way; I'll describe my thoughts as I made the characters and what I did with them.

Character 1: Sarad Amrapurkar

Sarad was not my first character on this server - I remember starting with a couple of Persian guys running around as a chaplain or a botanist or a nurse or something - but he was the first one that mattered. Sarad only ever plays Chief Engineer; holding such an office, and having worked his way up in the ranks, is an important part of his character. I still consider him my 'main,' though he probably isn't anymore. I settled on Engineering as my 'main' department after I spent a little time on Baystation and had some veterans show me the ropes.

Sarad's a working-class hero; he grew up in near-poverty on New Gibson. He joined the merchant navy as a teenager, and has since worked his way all the way up being a head of staff. This was an ambition on my part; I probably took this responsibility before I really knew what to do with it - though I think I definitely know much better now. I also got his people, the Panchamayanis, Lore-Canonized - I've made a lot of other characters who were Panchis as well. Sarad has a wife and two young children; he is a family man.

Character 2: Calonice deNomikos

Calonice is another single-job character; she's a Psychiatrist. I chose Psychiatry because I wanted an 'easy in' into medical; she could be a competent doctor when I felt comfortable with it, but could plead ignorance when I didn't. She's not a man and she's not a Panchi; I've since made several other non-Panchis but no other women. I initially used her once to dip my toes into science, but did such a catastrophically bad job with it that I was scared away for a long time. I haven't played her in a long time. Like myself, and most of my characters, she is a smoker and she likes motorcycles.

Character 3: Chen Yiwei

I've spent a little more time with Dr. Chen. He was supposed to be another scientist, and I gave him an arrogant, 'you're wasting my time' scientist attitude, but his short-lived science career did not entertain me. (To this day, it's the only department where I haven't spent any serious time.) From there, I brought him into Genetics, but spent enough time doing medical work and surgery in particular (which I am now slightly better at) that I decided he should focus on medicine. I figured that since the Genetics lab has a surgery table, he should be good at surgery. He's one of my only two multi-career characters; he can spawn as a Geneticist, a Doctor (as a Virologist for them sweet green shoulders), or as a Chemist. A smoker and a biker but not a Panchi.

Character 4: Kyaw Maung

Also known as U Kyaw Maung, for which I got in no small amount of trouble. I have not played him since the first time I played him and had to change his name; he's a Buddhist chaplain, and I tried to make him a good one. His biggest contribution to my career was forcing me to figure out the signature function. Not a Panchi.

Character 5: Chadrakhar Gokhale

Chadrakhar - Chad to his friends - is a single-career Security Officer, though I did give him one go as a forensics expert. (Made a hash of it.) I think Chad is one of my best-performing characters; I'm good with him and he's good at his job. He was born on Biesel but is a Sol Alliance citizen; he has an apartment and a girlfriend and is pretty much just living a good life. As an aside about myself, I think I play really good security guys. He's another smoking, biking Panchi.

Character 6: Cyborg Only

I've actually never played this character; it's a single-career Cyborg set to return-to-lobby.

Character 7: AI Only / SAMSARA

Ahh, here we go. One of my recent favorites, SAMSARA is a station AI. I'm really enjoying playing an AI, and SAMSARA alternates between being very helpful and being kind of imperious. His catch-phrases are 'according to the relevant indices' and 'access to this area is limited to personnel with access to this area.' One of my most fun recent playthroughs was a Nuke round where he was subverted.

Character 8: Ajit Patil

A single-career Captain. A smoker, a biker, and a Panchi. Another major character, he was a Research Director on the Apus before he was Captain. An urbane, smooth aristocrat, he tries to lead with a gentle hand but often gets flustered if people disagree with him. He recently got in trouble during a Wizard round; I'm still mulling over in my head what he'll do on his return. He's my oldest character - he's 67, if memory serves - and has been married for many years with two grown daughters. He's also my richest character, sitting comfortably on 9 digits, and gets an excellent salary from NT that he's parlayed into some very good investments - including holding enough stock in the company that he's comfortable throwing that fact around, though probably not enough that it'll actually get him anywhere.

Character 9: Subhash Gokhale

A single-career Head of Security, and Chad's father. A smoker, a biker, and a Panchi. A career officer in the Sol Peacekeeping Force who had to leave due to a kickbacks scandal, he was hired by NT directly as a Head of Security. I'm still figuring out his tone; I want him to be a straight-edge, no-bullshit military type, but leading Security is often like herding cats and I find I get more results with a more gentle touch. Nevertheless, I think he's one of the most competent HoS around, though some might argue.

Character 10: Ka'Viax'Keku Zo'Ra

A Bound Vaurca. Initially just a miner, but I branched him out once (for about 15 minutes in a nuke round, until he was killed) as an Engineer. I think I might play him as an Engineer more often, if I want to engineer but don't want the burden of leadership. There may actually be more than one Keku; maybe the Engineer is a different one from the Miner. I may cop out and say as much in his employment records.

Character 11: Za'Akaix'Zishik Zo'Ra

An Unbound Vaurca. Initially worked in medicine, but I since moved him to Robotics - though he has a back-up as a regular Scientist. I've only played two gos with him so far, but I imagine him as a sensitive and intellectual philosopher. One thing I like about Vaurca is that their Unbound can be extremely old, especially when combined with the fact that time in the Virtual Realm passes at its own pace. As such, Zishik is over 2,000 years old, and has spent much of his life as an influential thinker.

Character 12: Za'Akaix'Tlexa Zo'Ra

An Unbound Vaurca. This one is a warrior, though like my other Unbound he has a love of beauty and poetry. Also fantastically old, though not quite as old as Zishik; he was a war-leader in the campaigns against the other hives to establish Zo'Ra supremacy. As such, he has a regal, military bearing. He's also a 'good' officer, though he still gives the impression that he thinks he' smarter than everyone else. He defaults to Warden, with Security Officer as a back-up.

Character 13: Vinny Wesco

A single-job Botanist. Like most of my characters, he has all his Traitor options enabled, but he came up as a traitor the first and to date only time I've played as him. I may play as him again if I feel like playing around with Botany some more.

Character 14: George Stolojan

A single-job IAA. I haven't played as him yet, but I visualize him as being a more touchy-feely, personal kind of IAA. Definitely a biker (I mentioned it in his medical records), probably a smoker, definitely not a Panchi.

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I'm mostly familiar with Patil and Subhash, as well as SAMSARA. I like these characters a lot, Patil always sends a lot of love towards science and that's always nice coming from a captain. Subhash does a fine job as head is security, and SAMSARA is a fully competant AI. I liked when SAMSARA asked everyone to preface all orders with "AI SAMSARA" and everyone across the station started making a ton of sarcastic statements on comms prefaced with it, it gave me a good chuckle.

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I'm mostly familiar with Patil and Subhash, as well as SAMSARA. I like these characters a lot, Patil always sends a lot of love towards science and that's always nice coming from a captain. Subhash does a fine job as head is security, and SAMSARA is a fully competant AI. I liked when SAMSARA asked everyone to preface all orders with "AI SAMSARA" and everyone across the station started making a ton of sarcastic statements on comms prefaced with it, it gave me a good chuckle.

When playing an AI, there so much noise going on all around you that I find it impossible to keep up - especially when people just say "AI, door." If nothing else, seeing the word in all-caps makes for a noticeable visual break.

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Since we moved over to a new server and all our characters were wiped, I re-made the ones I liked and tossed out the ones I didn't. Calonice, Kyaw Maung, Stolojan, and Wesco are all gone, but I've put up a few new ones in their place.

Mizgur Vokimok:

An Unathi medical doctor. My first Unathi character and my first qualified doctor, I've barely done anything with her because I don't actually find the medical department to be very interesting. She's a self-hating Unathi who despises her heritage, and a Martian citizen.

Karolina Skoda:

A Research Director. I actually initially created this character to be the questioner in the Vaurca Dialogues and didn't think anything more of her, but then I decided to create her properly and try out being a Research Director. (I like being the RD; you don't have to actually cover any bases yourself - if something in research doesn't get done, then that's generally fine - so I just delegate and give people goals.) She's the first Head I played who's not part of the Panchi family.

Ka'Akaix'Ztetliz Zo'Ra:

I like this guy. As a Quartermaster, he's the closest a Vaurca can get to a position of genuine authority on the station, and he runs the Cargo department with a firm hand. (Uniforms - with hat - are mandatory.) However, even if he's not an antag, I make it my personal goal to steal as much as possible from the station every round I play him. I think I'm up to like 70 phoron crystals at this point; I wonder what their market value is. In one round I made out with two energy guns.

Ka'Viax'Goko Zo'Ra:

Sometimes I want to chill and do an easy job that doesn't require talking to people - mining, janitor, botany, and the like. Of course, Goko has all relevant antagonisms turned on, so sometimes he's a Li'idra Unbound disguised as a Bound - or a Bound Li'idra sleeper agent disguised as a Zo'Ra.

Felipe Estigabarria:

A Head of Personnel, and yet another non-Panchi Head. Initially I just made him to be an antagonist, but now he's kind of growing on me as a businessman and ISPM wonk. Still, I haven't exactly nailed down his personality.

Also a few updates: Chen Yiwei has now been promoted to CMO, though I haven't actually played him as one yet because I'm too scared I'll cock it up. (I suppose he's another non-Panchi head, but I never play as him so I don't think he counts.) The AI SAMSARA has recieved an important firmware update, changing it to SAMADHI - who is now infinitely more chill and supportive. Captain Ajit Patil is constantly getting into trouble, leading me to believe that maybe I should exchange him for someone else.

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Updates on my characters:

Diego Alatriste: Named for a character in a novel I'm reading, Diego Alatriste kind of 'floats' between engineering specialties - he only has one in a given round, but it changes between rounds so far. I did this because I was nervous about my engineering chops and I wanted to create another enlistee - I couldn't spiritually justify having Amrapurkar go back to regular work after being given his officiate.

NICEBOT: I'm NICEBOT! After the whole Ajit Patil fiasco, I felt the urge to go back to the fields and cleanse my mind, so I made a helpful, humble little robot. NICEBOT seems to spend a lot of time in engineering, and likes to give out 'nice facts' - bits of uplifting or heartwarming information.

Hrzgelam Siirimlaz: A low-skilled Tajaran janitor/cargotech, he was the character on my Tajaran application. I've only played him once. Works in service or supply, but is secretly capable of kicking ass.

And in other news, Ajit Patil has officially retired, leading to Felipe Estigabarria taking the occassional Captain nod.

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Updates on my characters:

And in other news, Ajit Patil has officially retired, leading to Felipe Estigabarria taking the occassional Captain nod.


He was good captain who stood up for his beliefs in the face of adversity. I admire his bravery and strength of character, he was roleplayed fantastically well.

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I came back to be the a lorelord, so I have three new Vaurca characters.

Ka'Akaix'Kzaya Kte'kzil: Formerly a nursing intern and now, by the grace of an AOR, a full medical doctor. I think I'm actually pretty good at medicine, now. I like to play Kzaya as curious and easy-going and a little bit ghoulish in an exuberant kind of way.

Ka'Akaix'Liex Ya'tzil: A janitor or botanist. Perhaps, in my mind, the archetypical Vaurca character - a frustrated intellectual who feels indignant at having to do scut-work. Bitter and unfriendly and doesn't want to be here, and is especially unkind to other janitors.

Za'Akaix'Petru K'lax: I got the idea of Petru in the shower; I was amused to death at the idea of an oily salesman type. I also like doing an extended Gomez Addams impersonation. I still chuckle whenever Petru hawks his cigars, 'rolled on the zukkulent thighs of virginal Dominikan maidenz.'

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Traveller campaign


Which edition?


This goes back to the very oldest sourcebooks, I think; Hoshi Estigarribia was the first emperor of the Second Imperium, the Rule of Man. He was Japanese-Peruvian, hence the name; I think he was also a symbol of how the writers thought that when faced with the Vilani, human differences on Earth would start seeming small-potatoes. I know for a fact he's mentioned in the GURPS supplement describing the first contact between Earth and the Ziru Sirka.

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