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Headset HUD

Guest Menown

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So, I've had an idea for Headsets to have a functioning holographic HUD with them, that would patch in the ID (name/job) of whoever is speaking, so long as the speaker is using a headset while to their ID. The Headset would allow the logical assumption of names of whoever is speaking, so long as they have a station issued ID (meaning no agent IDs. They could have a flag that disallows the recognition unless the headset is used with a voice changer). It would also have the ability to be linked to the PDA, for quick checks of the station-time, or usage of the manifest, through usage of similar designs to the MED/SEC HUDs, meaning examining yourself. This would allow you to use your PDA without it being nearby,

Of course, for radios and such, none of this would be present. It'd only be on headsets. For a sprite, it could easily just be a translucent blue, that mimics that of the MEDHUD, but smaller.

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