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Skrellian Collaborators

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2056-2192

Region of Space: Jargon Federation

Controlled by (if not a faction): Glorsh-Omega (2056-2192), leaderless (2192-2458)

Other Snapshot information: Skrell (and diona) who, through various degrees of loyalty, persuasion, or coercion, collaborated with and even aided Glorsh-Omega during his dominion over the Skrell.

Long Description: The concept here is very similar to the concept of Nazi collaborators from World War 2, except Glorsh-Omega was very much a product of the Skrell themselves. As established in the new lore, the Skrell put a large degree of focus on logic and did not really have a concept of brutality and the evils of war. So, some Skrell may have earnestly came down with the "Good Tsar Syndrome" where they believe that Glorsh's seemingly evil actions and decisions were made based on factors which the common population may not have been aware of. The people comprising this group of earnest supporters would've likely been roboticists and biomechanical engineers who may have had difficulty coming to terms with the notion that their beloved creations could turn to cruelty and seemingly evil actions without very good reasons. However, this would be a minority of the overall "faction," and the most hated of the entire group. The rest would comprise of Skrell who, while alive under Glorsh-Omega, collaborated with them through either fear or other ulterior motives by informing on or backstabbing their fellow Skrell to their synthetic authorities. And, lastly, it would've (correct me if I'm wrong, however) been the case that there were community leaders and administrators, as well as possibly authorities, among the Skrell who would have facilitated and executed some of the demands of their most supreme and logical leader.

These people would have likely had some sort of collateral in the hands of Glorsh, and would've been used as expendable assets when cracking down on freedom fighting cells, or even as a backup/insurance against EMP. After the occupation of the Skrell ended, these people found themselves in a most precarious position. On one hand, some of them were trained in the ways of real combat rather than the games they played before, and would be needed to make the new Skrellian warriors. Additionally, many of the former administrators and leaders of the Skrell had not survived the occupation, either through being terminated for disloyalty, or for the potential to be disloyal. Some of them lucked out and escaped justice, much like Wehrner Von Brauhn, but the majority of them were hunted and persecuted for the betrayal of their race. All though many of them were found and hunted down, there are still those out there in hiding, trying the best they can to put their dark past behind them, growing old with fake names in varying reaches of the Federation. To have or have had a family member who was a known collaborator is a great shame for entire families, and they are scorned pariahs in their communities.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I really enjoy this idea. Once I settle the genophage question I'll get to work incorporating this idea into the wiki as well as other areas of warbling as I expand the squids in my next rewrite. It gives additional reasons for some Skrell to work in human space on the Aurora, and lets some Skrell work with synthetics or still believe synthetics are a force for good. More player choice like this is a good thing! :D

I'll leave this open until I actually finish the rewrite so I can link to it, and to let players give feedback if they want.

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