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[Rescinded] Alex Ketane's Kosmic Systems Speaker Application


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BYOND Key: SirXenomorph

Character name: Alex Ketane

Item name: Kosmic Systems Speaker

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He found it in a cargo crate, along with a message "Keep Turnt Ponyboy", confused by this ancient language, he took the strange technology and keeps it in his backpack every shift, to play funky tunes throughout the cargo officer

Item function(s): Can choose mp3 from your computer to play through it, everyone within 15 tiles can hear the music being played

Item description: That is Kosmic Systems Speaker! It is pill shaped, It has a small label: "Warning: Not to be consumed".

Item appearance: It would be a beats pill speaker, with black speaker areas and red middle area.

Additional comments: Feel free to change the 15 tiles distance, may be a little large :?

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