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Additional Slime Core Reactions


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Currently, the reactions we have are mostly restricted to one of three reagents, blood, water and plasma. There's the small exception of sugar for the slime jelly reaction, but that one's so rarely used it doesn't even really matter. What I'd like to see is more reasons for Xenobiology to interact with other departments, specifically chemistry. I'll lay out a few examples of possible reactions here, and in some I'll leave the required reagents up to the devs, as there's no fun in knowing exactly what to inject.

1) Cryoxadone + Dark blue slime core = all nearby players are rendered immobile for a short time as they are temporarily frozen. No lasting damage, and it would catch whoever caused the reaction too, unless some alternate method was used to inject the core.

2) Space Cleaner + Red slime core = clean floors. Nice and easy way to clean xenobiology up, and would give more of a reason to breed red slimes in the first place.

3) ??? + Light Pink slime core = healing burst. Could heal light genetic damage too, allowing xenobiology to treat itself, however the chemicals would probably have to be obtained from chemistry, something like Tricordrazine. Would be useful in emergency situations where a lot of wounded need to be treated quickly.

4) Some kind of soporic effect. Leaving this one up entirely to the devs, but again I think rewarding finding ways to trigger a reaction without being affected yourself is nice. If you can trigger this without being nearby as an antag, you suddenly have a very sleepy victim ready to grab.

5) Black slime core + ????? = Super advanced mutation toxin. Probably needs a better name. This is the one that I assume is least likely to get implemented, but it's a neat idea and I want to at least throw it in there. Injecting somebody with this would cause them to transform into a playable blob, similar to the gamemode present on some other servers. The chemical needed for this should be something you'll have a hard time explaining to chemistry, so that it's not just handed away freely to any antag xenobiologists who ask for it. That way, it shouldn't happen too frequently and should be a fun event that happens later into the round when it does. Optionally, could also cause an explosion before transformation, severely damaging all other nearby players, the idea being to prevent an antag from zipping around and injecting stunned/KOd players.

6) Yellow slime core + ??? = Robotic repair effect, similar to the pulse effect of some anomalies.

These are just a few ideas I came up with, if anybody else wants to stick some on as well in a reply feel free to do so. I think it would make Xenobiology a lot more interesting if they could create useful interactions like this, and more useful but potentially dangerous antag tools. It would also give Xenobiologists more excuse to leave their labs, visiting chemistry, delivering pink slime cores to medical, etc.

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Yes I love this, with a few problems:

One, the soporific issue. Unless it's disabled again, slime core grenades will be possible with large grenade casings. That means you'd give a xenobio a relatively easy to get soporific bomb.

5)What's the difference between your suggestion and the mix of a black slime core and plasma? Because right now that combo makes an advanced mutagen that turns people into baby slimes. Unless the blob is something I'm not aware of?

To help you fill in the ???s:

Light pink core: Spaceacillin. Makes it a bit harder to get while still being useful.

Soporific: Nitrogen + Sepia Slime

Stable Mutagen (which is basically a reference to the unstable mutagen): Radium + Black Slime Core

Yellow Core: Space lubricant or kelotane. Former because well it lubricates joints, latter because it's pretty much carbon silicate so it could provide materials.

AND FINALLY, more ideas:

Orange Slime + Lithium: Heat core. Basically an unpowered, non-togglable space heater. Could be used for power or other shenanigans.

Orange Slime + Potassium? Capsaicin?: Heat crystal. Similar to the (disabled?) artifact, it spawns a small crystal that violently heats the room it's in after a delay. Can definitely be used for power with TEGs. Can potentially replace a SM crystal. Teleport one in the Toxins' heating chamber (with telescience) to save massive amounts of plasma.

Purple Slime + Dexalin: Anti-toxin.

Metal Slime + Foaming Agent: Massive amounts of metal foam

Dark Blue Slime + Water: Cold core. The inverse of the heat core, slowly cools down the air around it.

Dark Blue Slime + Frost Oil: Cryogenic Crystal. The inverse of a heat crystal, it rapidly cools the room it's in. Useful for many applications: making a huge cryogenic room (with the blessing of engineering and research, it would be possible to construct a room with life-support surgery tables that dispense cryoxadone regularly as an ultra-healing-room with one of these), making a slime kill-room or slime-proofing the xenobio airlock, using it to cool coolant for SM engines (or whatever other thing you could want), with a heat crystal make a perpetual TEG, so on.

Gold Slime + Fertilizer: Slime Kudzu/Monkey Kudzu. Basically creates seeds/a plant of kudzu that slowly produces grey slime cores / monkey cubes.

Bluespace Slime + Uranium: Radiation core. Basically makes an infinitely, highly radioactive slime core that could power one or two of these radiation panels at the engine.

Bluespace + Diamond: An anomaly (like the event thing). Basically makes a permanent wormhole that teleports people to random coordinates.

Pyrite Slime + Milk: Crayons. Spawns a random crayon.

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Yes I love this, with a few problems:

One, the soporific issue. Unless it's disabled again, slime core grenades will be possible with large grenade casings. That means you'd give a xenobio a relatively easy to get soporific bomb.

They can also make EMP bombs, actually explosive bombs, literal slime-creating bombs, etc. A soporific bomb is hardly the worst.

To help you fill in the ???s:

Not the point. The ???s are there because I don't want whatever they end up being to be public, to me or anyone else. Adding some more combinations that aren't documented on wikis will be fun and encourage experimentation (or code digging, but not much we can do about that.)

Your suggestions are good. I especially like the metal foam one. But being too specific with how these should be implemented isn't the way to go about it, I think. It's more fun if people have the chance to discover how these reactions are made, I remember one particularly fun shift that was spent with another xenobiologist discovering the new gold slime mechanics after aurora changed it, and that was a fun shift. I'd like more of that.

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