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Crystal Brookes' AskMe.NT account

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"I am so bad at computers!" The voice comes before the picture, on the connection. Eventually the webcam turns on, mostly obscured by something hanging in front of its view. Behind it, Crystal could sort of be seen, sitting at her computer in a baggy dirty white Ian t-shirt. The place she was in was small, obviously some sort of space based apartment. She leaned forward, with a little giggle. "Oh... wait, my camera's blocked." She 'totally accidentally' showed some of her cleavage as her baggy shirt hung down after she batted away the discarded garment that had been placed over the camera. Underwear, it seemed. Her room was a pigsty, and her hair was a mess but she didn't seem to care much. "Hey, Aurora's newest Chief Medical Officer, here and author of 'A Guide to Medicine' parts one and two!" She held up one finger, then two fingers for emphasis.

"I'm here to unofficially answer whatever medical questions ya might have, or chemistry questions, or even bar and cooking questions because I'm good at that stuff too!" The intro was obviously a bit old, the doctor's hair shorter than she wears it now, and the many empty liquor bottles that litter her room giving it away, since she'd apparently quit drinking. It was likely nobody had bothered looking her up until more recently. But here it was. "So go on, Ask Doctor Crystal!"

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