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Port Polaris' Lings!


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So, Polaris currently has the best lings that I've seen for RP-code, and I think it'd be totes great if it was ported here. The lings there have been rebalanced (to a degree) to be more RP-oriented, and to give them an actual ability to fight back if/when shit hits the fan.

Some features:

- Arm blades and armor!

- Fleshy/chitinous spacesuit!

- The ability to morph clothes and an ID to match your disguise! (Ling ability, costs genome points)

- Gain more lingpoints by absorbing other lings, not crew/monkies.

- Can re-choose your abilities after each absorbtion.

- Ability to use your finger to open any door, though it'll close after a time. (This is a ling ability you have to purchase, obv.)

- Much more!

Basically, the lings there use some TG stuff, with some also unique things (such as being able to make an effective chameleon suit, so that you can match your disguise) that make RPing as one much, much more fun.

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Iirc, TG and Baycode are two entirely different code bases, which means 'porting' their stuff would more be like 'Completely rewrite so it works in our code'.


Polaris is Baycode, not TG-code. So, hypothetically it'd work out fine?? Unless something major broke, I guess.

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