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Robert Dalton's AskMe.NT account.

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The picture fuzzes to life, and a dimly lit room appears on the screen. A man sits in a chair, a slight haze of cigarette smoke fills the area around him. He turns at the notion that someone had tuned in to his live feed. The man that turns stands at a threatening 6'5", and seems to be built like a boxer. A scraggly beard clung to his face, and shaggy brown hair rode down his forehead. He took a long draw of the cigarette, before setting it down on the table. He removed his red and black sunglasses, to reveal piercing blue eyes.

"So you folks want to ask ol' Robert a question or two, eh?" He says, a deep voice sounds through your speakers as he speaks. He chuckles, a deep baritone chuckle, before shaking his head. "I ain't good at givin' very direct answers, but shit, I'll give it a shot."

He leans back in his chair, replacing his sunglasses and cigarette, taking another long draw. He released the smoke in a circle, which ran around the camera. He smiled a very small, sly grin.

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A small window pops up underneath the main video, of a woman with glasses on, disheveled short bangs, and bad teeth. Her mic makes noise, but not from talking. Keys click and clack until a message popped up,

"Hi Mister Dalton, this is Sam. I am wondering, how long have you been in your profession for?"

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