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Skrell Dietary Habits


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As it stands, there is a gap between the lore and the code. With the new code, Skrell have to be strict vegans, not just vegetarians, but vegans. A plain plate of spaghetti with no sauce or meat or anything is poisonous. Bread is poisonous. A pie made out of only berries is also poisonous. Nearly everything the kitchen could possibly make is poisonous to Skrell. Yet the lore says that they are mostly herbivores, but may like to flavor their food with meat.

If we plan on making Skrell completely unable to eat meat, could we at least not make them full vegan? Having only snack machines and their delicious raisins as your only dietary option on station doesn't really conduct roleplay, and it's not exactly fun either. And if we plan on making Skrell dietary habits equivalent to the current lore, could we fix this up this discrepancy?

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