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Station Directives?

Guest Complete Garbage

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Guest Complete Garbage

The rules on the server say:

The succession of command, chain of command, and all details surrounding the position of Acting Captain are disclosed in the Station Directives. The Station Directives are accessible in-game, via the New Player Menu, through your character's PDA, or via the Request Consoles and the Newscasters.

The Station Directives can not be found in any of these places. Is there somewhere else I can see them? Will they be re-implemented soon?

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Legend goes that once, in the long forgotten land of Auroracode circa 2015, there were clearly outlined station directives. But then the Baycode came, and the world changed as we knew it. Amidst the flurry and noise, the rumour of new maps, the screams of 'wag your tails' and 'baycode is ghey', we lost a great deal. When the dust finally settled, they say that station directives ranked among the casualties.

But this is not a tale of tragedy, for the legend goes that the features of Auroracode and Baycode will be reconciled again one day, and harmony bestowed upon the NSS Exod- Aurora. NSS Aurora.

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