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Feedback for Akela Ha'kim

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It's sort of head of staff related, but I think it should be said. I don't intend to be rude, of course, it's entirely feedback-oriented.

A mild issue I have with Akela is the general lack of radio transmissions I hear from them. Sometimes, even if I'm not too busy, I don't hear much chatter or updates from engineering from the mouth of the head that runs the department, specifically when Akela is the chief engineer.

Being command staff is still being part of a larger team in itself, not just including engineering. It would be nice to hear what your department is doing on occasion, often when I see you on the crew roster during a busy round, I sometimes forget you exist only because of the general quietness the character seems to have.

Not that it's a bad thing to have a head of staff that tries to keep their head down, but sometimes it's healthy and all to poke your head out and update everybody on what's going on, especially with a position that is quite demanding in the communication department.

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