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ATTN: New Uniform Regulation

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There have been various complaints regarding crewmembers walking around half-naked, with their jumpsuits rolled down and revealing bare chests, or bras. We are disappointed to hear that what's supposed to be a professional work environment is being sullied by personnel that are violating uniform safety regulations, and bordering on sexual harassment by revealing parts of their bodies other crewmembers do not want to see. As a result, effective March 15, 2458, we will be enacting a new uniform regulation:

All persons aboard any and all NanoTrasen vessels, employed, contracted, visitor, or otherwise, must not roll down their jumpsuits, or must keep their shirts on if their department does not utilize or require jumpsuits. The following job roles and/or departments require jumpsuits:

- Engineering. Jumpsuits cannot be rolled down due to safety regulations. Any persons whom are injured by machinery or equipment due to loose-hanging clothing will not be covered under NanoTrasen insurance policies.

- Medical. Jumpsuits OR Scrubs are required if you are handling and treating patients, chemicals, or viruses. Failure to wear proper, sterilized clothing may result in malpractice (Neglect of Duty under corporate infractions, possible manslaughter) charges. Jumpsuits must make you easily identifiable as a member of the medical department.

- Research. Jumpsuits are required if you are handling chemicals, plasma, xenobiology, xenoarchaelogy, or xenobotany. Robotics and R&D equipment hold the same uniform requirements as engineering. Other roles may substitute scrubs if preferred.

- Security. Jumpsuit uniforms must be worn at all times to make you easily identifiable as a member of the security department.

Certain exceptions exist for certain conditions:

- Tajaran crewmembers. Due to their fur, and repeatedly stated concerns of physical health, Tajaran crewmembers will hold an exception to the jumpsuit regulation. However, they must wear a tshirt, tanktop, or otherwise unrevealing undershirt. Tajaran personnel in the medical department, or that are handling chemicals, plasma, xenobiology, xenoarchaelogy, or xenobotany do not fall under this exception and are recommended to wear light-weight scrubs. Tajaran personnel in the engineering department, Robotics, or R&D will not be covered by NanoTrasen insurance policies if they are injured due to loose-hanging clothing.

- Personnel utilizing the holodeck's beach or desert simulations will be allowed to wear appropriate clothing for such simulations (Bathing suits, lighter clothing, etc), but must return to standard uniforms once their holodeck break has ended.

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