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TES RP: Dragonhunt

Guest Bokaza

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Contract: Dragonhunt

Characters & Players:

  • Aela the Dragon-huntress (Bokaza)
  • Halla Galanodel (Gollee)
  • Tamira Llervu (Tenenza)
  • Plucks-At-Strings (JBoy2000000)
  • Nicole Silver-Shine (swat43)


Rules & guidelines:

Forum etiquette

  • Please, try to keep yourself active enough. For myself and other players. If someone doesn't post for a while, and had lost, I will take indefinite control of their character and continue posting as long as players are interested in playing.
  • Stick to the character.
  • Post in (( )) if you want to write OOC. All non bracketed posts should be either first person, or third person IC. You can write in past, future and/or future tense, on preference.
  • Try to minimize post clutter. The entire thing may take over hundred post to finish. Use spoilers, bookmarks, write speech in italics, bold for other character reference. Non-mandatory, write as you wish, but other players may be grateful. Again, and I stress this, be as creative in your writing and as detailed as you want. The size of the post is not the issue, it's readability.
  • Watch the spelling and grammar.
  • If you mess up, as a followup of the previous rule, edit, don't repost or just notify with OOC quote marks in your next post, if it's not important. Likewise, if you notice a mistake with other people, you don't need to point it out directly. It's common courtesy, often ignored on the internet.
  • In the odd chance you get salty over damage, failed action or death, please don't derail the thread into a rant and discussion over mechanics. PM me directly and I will consider a void or a retcon.


Gameworld, IC rules & GMing

  • This is not TES V: Skyrim, so forget the mechanic limitations tied with the game. Conventional physics and logic apply, environment is destructible, all objects can be interacted with, potions need not stop insta-death, etc. Lore-defined specifics, such as racial bonuses, spell requirements and mana still apply. Feel free to refer to older installments of the game, but Skyrim overturnes any potential conflicts.
  • Setting is 15 years from the events of TES V: Skyrim. Stormcloaks won the civil war only 5 years ago, which means Skyrim has been up in flames and hell for the better part of last 10 years. Things have changed.
  • You are free to assume and make statements about the alternative setting or abilities, as long as it makes sense when lore and logic are concerned.
  • This Skyrim is magnitudes larger than the game one. Bandit to civilian ratio isn't 20:1, it's 1:50.
  • When doing extreme risk-reward stuff, you either invoke my mercy or the mercy of the RNG gods. As long as your character is careful, I will show lenience.
  • Your character may die, which means no RP for you.
  • All GM destiny suggestions are optional and can be ignored. Upon agreeing with your first destiny suggestion, all further suggestions will involve similar questions.
  • You may talk freely with other players and do basic interactions without GM input. Simple actions, such as drinking from a cup and walking doesn't require any GM oversight as long as the environment isn't effecting the action (an NPC or laws of probability aren't directly trying to stop).
  • Destiny Events and Notes are meant to be hidden from other players, but are offered to those who wish to see them, will be hidden by a spoiler tag.
  • Have fun and don't take it too seriously.


Mead McMacefuck walks over a rocky road and trips over an exposed stone. Since he had forgotten to stow his mace, he falls face-down onto the steel head, potentially (bold for DM input request) brusing his own face. He screams in pain as he collides with the solid objects below. "Holy fuck*... by the Emperor's undergarment! It hurts!"

*Not representative of the dialog I expect from players

Upon seeing the Mead fall down, Bjorn McAsshole laughed loudly at the scene. He considered helping for a moment, but his need to laugh was stronger than him.
Mead McMacefuck not only falls down and bruises his face, but smashes his teeth and nose. Blood started gushing as he stood up. He saw Bjorn McAsshole laugh.

(Destiny Event - hidden as an actual spoiler)

You have always been somewhat clumsy. This, combined with your tendency to smash people's faces when they laugh at you for it has earned you the proud title of McFacefuck. You consider smashing the face of the small child Bjorn McAsshole, as you always have with no exception. But maybe, this isn't you anymore, or you simply want to laugh at the irony of getting your face smashed by your own mace. The choice is always up to you. Any you can think of.

(You are free to ignore the note and carry on however you please. I intend to minimize interaction with players, and limiting player choice and but I chose this system as an idea to... spice it up a bit.)

Mead glares at Bjorn, thinking for a moment, but then, seemingly out of nowhere shakes his head and starts screaming at the latter, spitting blood everywhere in the process. He takes his bloody mace off the ground and charges at the child swinging his mace wildly.



It is a bright spring morning in the Rift. The air is cool, and the sun's mighty rays are bursting through the maple trees. The wind, usually merciless in every corner of Skyrim, has made the night and the morning pleasant for you. Thankfully, you are well rested and you ate as needed. Your group made a mistake of agreeing to follow your pack-leader Aela's shortcut. Little did you know, that instead of a six day circling through Falkreath and the mountain passes, you chose a two day climb through the maintains. Spending the half of first night in a sleeping in a cave, the other half climbing in the perilous dark. By the second night, you had reached the location where you set up camp, and currently are.

You are interrupted from your morning routine by footsteps near your camp. You turn to Halla, who has already been at the morning watch, who responds "It's Aela, don't worry." You stand up and turn to the woman as she arrives, greeting her with a good morning or a grumpy equivalent. She glances at you all wordlessly, scanning the 'recruits' that had unwittingly assigned themselves to her.

The woman, although way past her prime, was in no way aged accordingly. Still having her brownish-red hair and youthful disposition, the source of this uncanny anomaly was widely known, but not understood. All of the original members of the original Circle, before the curse was lifted by the Harbinger have aged only slightly since. Lycanthropes of all types age slower than normal mortals and since cases of it being cured are exceedingly rare and have hardly been studied, it is likely that some of the properties are retained afterwards. As for the popular view, being an former Warewolf is no way the worse thing one can be in this day and age. Regardless, the truth has been a blemish on the honor of Companions. Her arsenal consisted of a large bow with an ebony string strung over her back and a Skyforge Steel blade, a trademark of the inner circle. She also had a quiver of ebony-tipped arrows, of the same type she borrowed Halla and Plucks-At-Strings earlier. As Aela explained to them, ebony arrows are the only economic type of arrow that can both pierce dragon armor at any angle and not shatter in the process. For contingency, she said, trusting the two not to abuse or waste them. As for her armor and wear, she had always wore the same thing. A steel armor of archaic design and a large, black, singed cloak of the Garganvir* Dragonhunters, said to be of specialized fabric and enchanted to resist magic and fire.

She gave a task to Tamira earlier, giving her a local alchemical recipe for both fire and ice resistance, as well as poison, consisting of snowberries, tristle berries and mudcrab chitin, all in abundance nearby. Tamira accepted the advice grudgingly, not bothering to argue over it, as she likely knew that or another formula already, not to mention being stocked on all sorts of potions. Aela broke the awkward silence, "Are you ready to leave camp?" She turned to Tamira, "Do you have the needed potions?"

*Butchering of Old Norse Gargan (snake) and Vigr (able to fight) in the style of Jorrvaskr, which means Swords & Bravery in Old Norse. Garganvir is a fictional sister mead hall of Jarrvaskr, built after events of Skyrim. Serves as a second guild hall of the companions and an HQ of the Dragonhunters.

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Strings was wrapped around himself around the fire they'd made for camp, staring intently at the flames as his chilled fingers strummed away at the lute he dragged along for the mission. He was dressed in his steel armour, and that really didn't do anything to help against the bristling cold. As he heard Aela come into the camp, he couldn't help but shoot a dirty glance her way, breaking the flow of whatever song he was playing before her return. But he kept his thoughts to himself, returning to his music, and his eyes to the fire until she asked if they were ready to leave camp. He spoke up then, with the normal hiss in his voice most Argonians had, "Yes, for Sithis' sake. Well, at least I am ready. Need to get my blood moving before it all freezes like a Nord." Having said that he stands from his seated position in the snow, walking close enough to the fire that ember and licks of the fire started to brush against the plates of his armour.

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Shiwering, in her fur coated steel plate armor and grumbling under her breath freaking cold once in a while silently, Nicole continues to gaze upon the sky. Sitting in the corner, but still near the campfire to get some heat of the fire, she opens her bag, rummaging through her tools, and four philters of health potions, and while doing so scratching the surface of one and she nearly had a heart attack, hoping that the potion doesnt break. Relieved on the inventory, as she grabs a small bread, she noms on it, and watches carefully at Aela. She just shiwers as when ever Aela glances back, and Nicole darts her eyebs back on the fireplace or to the sky.. Is she human?! S-somehow i have a bad feeling that she's our group leader.. She shakes her head from the thought not to get bothered by it much, she slowly unsheathes her personal steel sword and starts slowly polishing it. While doing so, she makes a quick glance at Strings.. "Never thought an argonian would come to Skyrim.." she slowly mutters to herself and shrugs a bit.

He is afterall far from freemarshes... Preety far-and she drifts into her mindless thoughts-. Though the moment Aela started speaking towards Tamira, she slowly sheathes her sword, and puts it on her lap, and patiently watches and waits for Aela's orders or direction.

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Halla takes one last look around their surroundings before standing up, and walking towards Aela, "Seen a few animals out and about, tense as 'Bliv though. The've been keeping heads down. There are a good few trees with all their branches missin' down one side too. We haven't been bothered up here though. Not yet, an'wa'." She stops at the fire to warm her hands; glancing at Strings. "'Ou should tr' some fur; or leather, it'll keep 'ou warmer. I could get 'ou some, there are enough deer; though it'll cost." Once she had considered herself sufficiently warmed; she headed over to her bedroll and began rolling it up. "I'm read' to go whenever."

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((Gollee did the bold thing well, it helps people notify them when players or events are refereed to))

Halla - Visual check

The treeside with broken branches you mentioned moments later has significantly less snow around. Either something big and warm, like a grazing mammoth... or, hopefully a dragon may have passed there. You didn't feel the need to share your assumption with the group at the moment.

Otherwise, the sun is still, the wind is very weak and the trees are sprouting leaves. Nothing of note.


Aela nods and says, "Good. You do not need to entirely break camp, as will likely be back later. Just don't leave any food out for bears. The bandits won't dare touch our camp." She points to the symbol of the Companions on her bedroll, "Hopefully. Else we'll have a bit more tracking to return our items. Still, feel free to carry your things if you so desire or don't believe me." She adds afterwards, "I went to Iverstad while you were sleeping, checked with the locals, two people went missing, a girl and man, respectively, while collecting spring herbs and mushrooms. They've blamed the dragon that has been seen flying to the area. Red scales. Likely a fire-focused one. We've yet to conclude that."

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Strings shakes his head and gathers his belongings. His bow, his quiver with the ebony arrows, a dagger made of steel, a sack that reeked of fish more than the docks of Windhelm, and of course his faithful lute. Once he had all his personnel belongings secured, he turned his gaze to the Bosmer. "And that is exactly why I do not get furs. Skyrim will chill my body to the bone no matter what, may as well be freezing with a few more Septims in my coin purse." He mumbles something under his breath about Imperials, and then turns his looks to Aela, "Isn't it all the more likely they were just stolen away by bandits? You'd think a dragon would leave a burned corpse, or charred ground as evidence of it's theft."


Strings was wearing his steel armour, it's shoulder pads engraved with a series of musical notes, same with the tip of each finger and back hand of his gauntlets. He had a curved bow strapped around his shoulder, and a quiver slung behind, and at his waist he had two things tied to his belt, a sack that reeked, and his musical instrument.

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Tamira's hands shake slightly as she pours out the last of a foaming copper liquid from her retort into a bottle. Without looking at Aela, she finally answers. "Eight for the fire, ice, and venom." Tamira rubs her hands over the fire, soaking in the heat. "Five more of my own mix, substituted the thistle with hawk's beak, in case of the unexpected." She cracks her wrinkled fingers, one by one. "And three poisons, to dull the senses and slow the heart." Her hands slipped into a pair of leather gloves. Tamira turned away from the fire, taking pause for a moment to Look Over Strings and Nicole with a narrow leer, before scooping up the bottle of copper liquid, now settled from the cold. She tops it with a cork. "Now who would like the lucky last of the batch?"

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Aela responded to Strings, "Yes, good thinking. Which is why we aren't taking what they said at face value. They likely don't know better and Dragons have little need to kill innocent humans." She took a quick glance at the alchemist and gave a nod of approval. Afterwards, she took the pack off the floor and headed in the general direction of North slowly but impatiently. "Try to catch up, I'll scout ahead."

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Strings huffs and follows Aela's departure with his eyes, waiting until she was out of earshot to speak. "I don't think our 'guide' read our posting so thoroughly. We're supposed to be looking for the missing people, not tracking down a dragon. Hope she had a good reason to drag us halfway up to Mundus on this freezing mountain." He shook his head and hisses longly after saying that, kicking snow onto the flames until it died down. He reaches down into his fishy sack, producing a salted, dried fish, that he promptly throws into his mouth whole.


Strings was wearing his steel armour, it's shoulder pads engraved with a series of musical notes, same with the tip of each finger and back hand of his gauntlets. He had a curved bow strapped around his shoulder, and a quiver slung behind, and at his waist he had two things tied to his belt, a sack that reeked, and his musical instrument.

His expression was neutral as always, but his eyes were halfway closed, and his pupils were narrowed.

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Tamira glares at Strings, her face written with unambiguous disgust. "Do you ever shut that maw of yours, scale-skin?" She wraps up the last of her equipment in heavy linens as slowly stands up. "Now cease your prattling, and let's get off this mountain before your blood runs ice." Tamira adjusts the straps and satchels covering her armor, and turns to follow Aela, with a slight limp to her step.

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Strings follows suit behind Aela and Tamira, saying something in Jel as he walked along. As the walk went on, he started to strum and sing, voice speaking in Jel, but the tune he was playing was clearly 'The Age of Oppression,' playing the notes a bit louder in time with each crunch of the snow under the steps of his feet with precise timing.

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Feeling the snow under her steel boots, with a serious look keeps a watchfull eye on every detail.. She's no huntress but she doesnt like surprises either. Couldn't stand the silence starts asking the party. "Do we know anything else about this dragon attack?" stumbling a bit on some rocks, but still keeping her pace and balance not to trip over. blasted rocks... last thing i want is to get snow in my face! as she curses in her own mind. "Anyway! if we do get to slay this dragon, IF we get the chance.. can't wait to get a hold on its scales! Really hard to come by for fortifying armor! Skin to tough for any blade!"

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Aela kept walking and scanning the ground as she does. Suddenly stops, turns to the group and sighs deeply. She focuses her eyes on *Strings* "Yes, we are looking for the villagers, but until we find actual tracks, which should be hard to find, we are also looking for clues to the whereabouts, or its lair. There will likely be proof there, or the dragon itself." Then, she turns to Nicole afterwards, "You obviously haven't been listening. There was no known attack, they haven't seen the dragon attack anyone. But seeing it fly around is enough for them."

She gazed around, "This should be far enough for now. You split into two pairs, look for any human tracks or anything of note. While they themselves leave no tracks to follow, dragons make a big mess when they land and which are quite easy to recognize. Broken trees, large, deep tracks in the mud of unmistakable shape or melted snow, their pray also usually tries running and its tracks disappear." She looks at Tamira and Strings, "You two are together. Head east, return here if you find trouble you can't handle or want regroup." Then she turns to Halla and Nicole respectively, "Same, only west. I will head off a bit to the north and look for high ground to cover you. In the odd event that you do stumble into one and decide to fight back, I'll be there to help." She gives them all another look as she asks, "Deal?"

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Strings nods his head and steps closer to Tamira. He nods his head to the ash skin, producing a fishy morsel from his sack and offering it to the Dunmer, "Want some food before we get moving? Got plenty kept in my bag." The smell of his of the fish was strong as could be, and it was stained in his breath as he spoke as well, smelled like a wharf that hasn't been cleaned of dead fish in a dragon's age.

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Tamira grimaces at the putrid smell, wafting it out of her face. "Keep your fish, Scale-skin." She turns away from Strings to face the east. "Almalexia's mercy that you haven't attracted a bear yet." Tamira slowly starts to walk east, taking care not to trip over anything.

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Strings throws his fish back into his sack, following behind Tamira a few paces behind her with his bow drawn at the ready. "Bears aren't so bad. Just throw a fish it's way, and then bury an arrow in it's body while it's gawking at the thing." His shoulders shrug as he spoke, picking up to a pace to match the Dunmer's. "Beside, we're crawling through a mountain home to a dragon, or a nest of bandits, or both. A bear should be the least of worries."

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Aela heads of in her own direction, slowly but steadily checking the ground and the landscape for any sign of clues, but finds nothing but animal tracks. She carries on with a sigh.

As the two groups advanced, they may have been wise enough to use all the tools at their disposal. As with a conspiracy, it is not how deep you look, but what you know that determines the result of your investigation. The forests hide many secrets, and all things happen for a reason. Just need to know how to see.


Consider how and where you look, some anomalies have been staring at you from the start. Specialization in something, be it tracking, advanced skills or racials pulls a lot more information than that of a novice's, but the latter may still produce results.

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Tamira carefully treads her way through a patch of loose stones. "You don't live as long as I have by picking fights that need not be fought. " She pauses for a moment, and steadies herself against the rock-face, while looking off into the forest, hoping to spot any signs of a dragon's wake. "So you don't think there's actually a dragon behind this, Scale-skin?"

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Strings comes up to the side of Tamira, looking for smaller tracks, footprints, drag marks, snow that's lighter in one area than another. "Like the Nord said. It's unlikely a dragon would be behind this. Probably just assassins or bandits or vampires. Beside, we're not looking to pick a fight with the dragon, we're supposed to be looking for the villagers."

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The general area where Tamira and Strings are seems to be less dense with trees and other vegetation and thus less snow overall. It makes tracks and plants easier to see.


No human tracks. You think to yourself that dragon landing or moving would likely make a noticeable mess, but otherwise, Dragons fly, so any actual tracks or scratching would be unlikely. As you advance, the tracks of animals seem to be getting less and less common. You find very little in the way of animal tracks, at least not fresh ones. Even stranger, the only fresh tracks you find seem to be animals leaving the direct area like a plague. Is there something in the air?



You look for signs of the dragon, with no luck. Your astute sense for finding herbs allows you to spot them even when you aren't looking for them. Nearby, in the shadow of the tree and a large bush, you notice a large amount of mushrooms and some buzzing flies.


Edit: You both notice an unusual smell in the air, unable to determine what it is at the moment. ((Please post your smelling ability, 1-10, 1 being a nord with a broken nose, 10 being a warewolf))

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