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Allow construction of Conveyor Belts


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I've been thinking and it would be rad if we could do that.

It could work like this:

Metal>Construct Machine Frame

Add wiring to Machine Frame

Add binary communication device to Machine Frame

Add Actuator to Machine Frame

Screwdriver it closed, it creates "Loose Conveyor Belt"

From there, clicking on it with empty hands opens a menu where the player can set the Direction and ID of the conveyor belts

Once in the right position and in the right direction, wrench it down to create the Conveyor Belt


Metal>Construct Lever Frame

Add binary communication device to Lever Frame

Add basic sensor to Lever Frame

Screwdriver it shut, creates Loose Lever

Clicking on it opens a menu where player can set type (one-direction or two-direction) and ID of lever

Wrench it down to create lever.

Reasons why it would be awesome:

-Engineers can fix all of Cargo and the outposts in case of massive bombing

-Engineers can create conveyor belt walkways in corridors for express movement, or in maintenance

-New useful things can be built out of conveyor belts

-Because it uses binary communication devices and actuators, gives Robotics something else to do than to drink (I mean, a 30-order of binary communication devices and a 15-order of actuators is significant...)


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Switch the ID and direction interface to be only accessible to a multitool, and further give it an access restriction interface.

Then allow you to change the ID tag of any item with an ID tag so long as you have access to it, allowing you to create remote controlled doors and other neat constructs.

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