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Ancient Domains of Mystery


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Have you ever been playing vidya, and you thought to yourself: MAN! I REALLY WANNA PLAY A GAME WHERE IT'S INCREDIBLY EASY TO DIE AND ALL DEATHS ARE PERMANENT!

Well, then Ancient Domains of Mystery (or ADOM) might be the perfect game for you.

In the spring of 2014, I discovered this game at about the same time I discovered Space Station 13, and like SS13, I quit because I couldn't learn the controls. And, further like SS13, I decided to pick it up later and learn it for once to tap into its fun. It's a roleplaying game where you have to seriously work to manage your inventory, not go broke, stay fed, fight through dungeons, and spent days traveling and potentially starving to death on the road. It's incredibly hard, but every little challenge overcome feels like a massive reward. Also, I hope you're used to terrible graphics, because it has them.

(For some reason, Puush refused to take a screenshot for me, so here's a shot of someone getting totally wrecked by a pack of jackals. Sometimes you get trapped in encounters that you know you're going to die in.)



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