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Records DB: Clearance Levels


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Right so there was some questions about the Clearance field in the records database, what you're meant to put in there, etc. It's mainly just a fluff thing, but if everyone wants a consistant, clear system for this field, here's how I normally set it up for my character records

There are 5 clearance levels:

- None (Not listed) - AKA, your character is not employed or qualified for this department

- Intern - Security cadet, nursing intern, lab assistant, engineering apprentice, characters that are only assistants

- Visitor - If your character is not employed by NT, and only shows up as a visitor. Doesn't have a department label.

- Staff - Anyone that is NOT a head of staff or an intern (QM and IAA falls under here, not command)

- Command - Heads of staf

From there, each employee has a separate clearance level for each department, said departments being:

- Civilian/Service

- Cargo (Includes mining)

- Captain (Only used for captains, obviously. Easiest way to denote a captain level clearance, as they don't have a specific department)

- Engineering

- Medical

- Research

- Security

Now the way I usually enter these in records is if a clearance level applies to a character, I'll enter it was ClearanceLevel(Department, Department). Some examples..

Ariana Eshlian is employed as a forensics technician, EMT, and a nurse (Not nursing intern). Her clearance entry would be 'Staff (Medical, Security)'

Kylan Lo'Rah is employed as a head of security, quartermaster, and shaft miner. His clearance entry would be 'Command (Security), Staff (Cargo)'

Katrina Silvers, the Katana Project director that occasionally visits the station, would just be 'Visitor'

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