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((I did this back on the old forums, and so here I go, attempting to bring it back. I don't know who started it, but I'm starting it here. /me nods.))

After scrolling down the endless profiles for what seems like an eternity, you finally settle on one profile for some reason. The man in the picture has striking green eyes and deep brown hair that falls in a swoop just above his right eye. He wears this characteristic lazy grin that barely exposes a small dimple on his left cheek. He's wearing a slightly wrinkled black dress shirt and his hair is slightly messed up.

Just before you can move onto the next profile, the live feed gives a soft blip and a man appears, the man from the picture. He's swiveling lightly in an office chair in what seems like a normal housing unit. He has that signature grin on his face, and his outfit consists of a rolled down white jumpsuit and a snug-fit black shirt with the sleeves rolled up neatly and covering 3/4ths of his arm.

In the background, you can see a light blue labcoat hanging on a coat-rack behind the office chair. The rooms seems to be a little messy, and there are a few almost-empty mugs of coffee lying about the room on various counters and tabletops. There is a full bed with bedsheets sprawled haphazardly on them and the pillows in a disarray. To the left of the bed is a window with the metal blinds tilted slightly.

He gives a light wave and politely says, albeit a bit nervously, "Hello random viewer, I'm Senri. Senri Ishikawa. If you're watching this, you should probably leave me an ask." He gives a slight smile, waiting for your reply.

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Jennifer signed, another guy, amazing.

"Oh heeeeeeeey random guy... Uh.. How you doing? You uh... Hey... Do we know eachother..? You look familer..."

She spoke into the microphone with a rather tired tone, it was 2am, but she didn't want to sleep.

She was dressed in nothing but a loose fitting tank-top, shown clearly by the high quality webcam, though the rest of the background is blocked out by a pitch black darkness.

She clicked submit, and rested back on her chair, taking a bite of her chocolate spread sandwich.

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He tilts his head to the side a bit, trying to put the name to a face, biting his lip a bit as he ponders.

"Hm," he begins, "I don't believe so. Perhaps a glance or two at work, but none that I can think of.."

He leans forward in his chair, wheeling it over a bit closer to the screen.

You can hear the feedback vibrations as he begins tapping on the holoscreen keyboard in front of him, and while doing so, says, "I work aboard the Aurora," and makes a vague motion to the labcoat behind him. "I'm the Chief Medical Officer, usually."

He then glances up at the screen, waiting for the woman's reply.



His body suddenly tenses up as he hears the cheery voice emitting from the speakers around him. Blushing a bit, he glances at anywhere but the lens of the camera. "I uh, hiya, Jen. How are...er.." he trails off, lost in thought.

Blinking a bit, he manages to fix his eyes on the screen, smiling nervously, "Uh, how are things?" he asks.

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Jenifer giggles, covering her hand with her mouth. She's wearing a set of pink scrubs, decorated with various fuzzy animals and a lab coat, with the sleeves much too big for her. She tilts her head from side to side as she smiles at the camera. "I'm goooood!" Jenifer can't help but giggle again, spinning in her chair even. "How come you never take me to the mall, huh?" She folds her arms in a mockingly serious manner, since she can't even try to restrain her smile.

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Jennifer nods once, spraying a bit of deodorant under one arm as she speaks into the microphone.

"Oh... Senri... I know you... You're like the only normal hot guy on the station... Didn't know you browsed the intranet... That's cool...."

She speaks slowly and calmly, almost like she's high on something.

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As Senri would stare at Jennifer viciously deodorizing her pits, Senri's laptop screen would flicker. A separate window would open up in the corner of his screen, titled "FUCKIN' STOOPIDS EVERYWHUR". The window would be an extremely dark shade of black, almost appearing as the screen had even turned off in that area. No light came off of the mysterious program that had manifested itself, making it appear as though an endless void had emerged from Senri's laptop computer. As Senri would probably be fucking screaming in terror at whatever the hell this was, a familiar voice quickly made itself present in the void. In the background of the voice would be a chorus of quietly playing pornography and Old Space body wash commercials, somehow coming through from the other side of the mysterious window. The voice would begin it's statement, emitting a low buzz as it spoke.

"Sup, dad."

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((Response to Game's))

Senri's eyes widen a bit at the statement, and he gives a bit of a frown at the screen. He begins to say something, but decides against it, before finally settling with a single question as he rubs his day-old stubble. "Are...are you on something, Miss Jennifer?"



((Response to Bl00))

He gives a slight grin, almost as if he's slightly nervous. After hearing her question, he gives a slight chuckle, then a mock-frown, "Well, I've never seen you outside of work, and not a lot there, either.." He leans forward in his chair, awaiting a reply.


((Response to H!ve))

Senri gives a bit of a gasp and says, "Hivebot? Is that..-- Is that you?" He has an obvious look of suspicion on his face, and a bit of a frown. "How'd you...find this? Or more so, how'd you access it? I figured you'd be in Nanotrasen's Personality Database.."

He leans forward in his chair, a now-curious expression plastered on his face.

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"Just a few... Things... I think... Those fancy bathsalts... I cooked em up while I was cleaning... I think."

She mumbles into the microphone, blinking more than a few times at the camera, her eyes appearing to be a slight shade of red, whether it's sleep deprivation or the "salts" is anyone's guess.

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The blank window would speak again, echoing through the void as if it had come a very long distance to reach his computer. "Oh, uh, nothing much, bro. Just deleted some stuff. Y'know, unimportant stuff, antivirus software, firewall n'all, pfft. Since when did that protect your computer from a fire, Senri? Tell me that."

Hivebot would pause shortly, before the window would pixelize itself, a few commands writing themselves along the bottom of the screen. A page would pop up with an password lock, hivebot immediately unlocking it with zero effort. "Hey, bro, check it out. Learned how to do this." The window would change again, this time displaying some sort of security camera footage of an apartment room. The camera would be focused on the bed of the apartment room, with one person currently inside of it, sleeping. The camera would zoom in, slowly revealing the sleeping woman to be December.

"...Not hard to find all of you. There's hornometer right there, and... Oh, there's Eliza. She's, uh.. Hanging out with her gardener again, better leave the two to themselves. Yeah, I've been keeping tabs on fuckin' everything from there. It's pretty cool. How'r you and, uh.... 'Her', eh?" The screen would once again flash to December.

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