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Unban Request: Vexif

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BYOND Key: Vexif

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: Casperf1

Reason of Ban: 0c282f15a35b8b06c5345d7c8cf23b14.png

Reason for Appeal: It has been a while and I was rather new to SS13 at the time. I would love a second chance because now I enjoy HeavyRP, and would like to think of becoming a part of your community. I have spent some time improving my RP and would like to show that I would be better, Sorry for what happened before.

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Firstly, apologies about taking so long to get to this. I was waiting for a few mods to reply first, but that rarely happens. Then I forgot this appeal was here, and, yeah.

So, your ban was four months ago. You had no prior notes and your appeal seems fairly reasonable. So I'm willing to lift it. Go forth and play, and keep in mind you still have to observe our rules.

See you on the server.

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