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Consgrove's Unban Appeal II

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BYOND Key: Consgrove

Total Ban Length: 1 day

Banning staff member's Key: suethecake

Reason of Ban: Banned for attacking someone at the end of the round when it was for an IC purpose of him stealing a nymph off of me once the shuttle landed and I wasn't buckled in.

Reason for Appeal: I was attacking a guy named Anthony for stealing a Nymph named Big Tot ICly when I was randomly banned. Now it's weird because I hadn't gotten a warning prior yet the admins banned me saying I got two warnings. I had received no direct warnings whatsoever and have the OOC disabled. If I still see admin messages that are OOC messages then I was too busy keeping my eyes peeled on Anthony whom I didn't plan to kill, I asked him for Big Tot back and he just shouted no. Suethecake should've sent me a direct message rather than say it globally. I didn't intend for it to be EoR but I guess it was.

P.S. While I did send out an OOC message right after the crew transfer vote I had decided to disable it shortly after as the OOC started to really pick up.

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Hi, Turtle here, I play Anthony.

I actually didn't steal the nymph off of you. I never opened up that equipment window; Said nymph came off of you and I picked it up, as I had the rest of them and they were requesting that I get their figurative "brother". After getting the nymph, I left the shuttle in a hurry because nobody likes to get caught in the one-tile hall that we all have to use to get out, as I was already getting shoved around. After that, I went up to the Central Mess Hall where I intended to speak to one of the IAA's due to Anthony needing to explain Cargo's condition. I can't really remember which character was your's, I think it was Dully, and you might've said something on the shuttle, though I wasn't paying much attention to the chat, and Anthony wasn't paying much attention to what was being said.

As for why Anthony was saying no, you began to yell at him to give you the nymph, and he was saying no because the others had been asking him to keep their "brother" safe. Anthony fled after a merry chase, because he wasn't going to hand over said nymphs so easily, nor was he going to bother with violence. ( As well, if I had attacked, I'd have used one of the nymphs as a weapon and have been breaking one of the rules. ) I went up to the Arrivals shuttle in Central, and you followed me. After a bunch of Benny Hill-esque running around, you had me cornered, then I pushed you out. I'm pretty sure that at this point, someone, who I figured to have been you, threw a pen at me. After that, while I tried to escape, you punched me.

Your ban was due to you attacking after the shuttle had arrived. There is a strict rule against attacking people after arriving at the shuttle, as it interferes with the things Staff have to deal with at the end of the round. No matter your intentions, you broke the rule by attacking twice.

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I'm sorry man, but it's in the rules. Covert (I think) even said, moments before, that anyone attacking anyone else would get banned. Consider yourself lucky, most post-shuttle violence bans are for 3 days, not 1.

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There were warnings posted in OOC by me and then a global announcement made by Covert; we aren't even obligated to warn you. The rules clearly state that we are within our authority to ban anyone partaking in EoR grief without warning.

It's a dayban; wait it out.

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