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I need permission to create wiki pages


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so i've been interested in cooking and bartending latelely.

I'm using this page: https://wiki.baystation12.net/Guide_to_Food_and_Drinks

But it's just wrong, in so many ways. We don't have an equivilant guide on the aurora wiki. The page here: https://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Guide_to_Food_and_Drinks

doesn't exist, although its linked to. I don't have the permission to create the page.

My wiki account is Nanako. I'd like to first copy over the baystation page wholesale to create our version, and then start editing the details there to make them correct to how our code actually works.

Nobody else seems to be doing this, there is no accurate guide to food and drinks on aurora. Please give me the appropriate permission and i'll start remedying it.

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