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  1. Due to the ending of my involvement with the development team, this project is cancelled. Its the one i was most looking forward to, but it seems it was not to be.
  2. Due to the ending of my involvement with the development team, this project is cancelled. Unless someone else feels like taking it on.
  3. I am working on improving my ability to work in a team, i pointed out several recent examples of compromise. It's a problem to work on. However, I'm 29 years old, and relatively set in my ways. My personality is not going to fundamentally change, nor has it. Despite your assertions to the contrary, I am still more or less the same person I was when I joined aurora. When i played medical i was the ambitious nurse that took charge of medbay and often argued with command officers, who planned ahead for every eventuality. My head of staff application was, and maybe still is, the longest
  4. There were a couple of bugs with cooking appliances, and I actually made a PR to fix them shortly before my PC broke. It sat there, unmerged for the full month of my absence, and i returned to find lohikar had altered some systems and fixed it himself in a different way. Fair enough, i don't mind that These are balance changes, and they alter the design intent of cooking, which was to make it a more time-management based gameplay. That fifteen minutes at the start of a round is for you to start preparing ingredients, order animals, put in requests with the hydroponics people, and make a c
  5. I am partial, actually I am adamant with saying that this statement acts no more as a filler in your wall of text due to simply how untrue this is. I believe this to be quite true, its the reason we have hierarchies to begin with. the reason why every respectable democracy has more than a single party. But this is at risk of becoming too political This was posted in a political channel, not in an area of general interest. And it is a statement i made in full sobriety and stand by. After colonising south america, the spanish interbred with the natives and created a new race:
  6. Can't they just look at coordinates in their status window, and move towards the centre of the map?
  7. I see you took advantage of my absence to sneak in changes you knew i'd oppose https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/2570 You even left in my comments explaining the real world basis for those values, while changing them. And arrow pointed out similar real examples in response to that PR. I thought we were past this passive aggressive stuff lohikar. We've had our differences in the past but it was resolved, i've got nothing against you, even though you've erased my work and replaced it with your own on at least three occasions now. I've argued with you specifically on many of them
  8. you have my agreement on this point
  9. Would it help if I were to start making extensive use of the private developer forum to lay out these things ? Though some instances, like the stuff with modular computers, and multi z, were kind of ad hoc, those are/were new features and everyone suddenly starts building their own plans around them. New systems can often be a point of conflict I don't need to see my plans through to the letter, things are mutable. With the multiZ PR i'm now interested in pursuing other reasonable ways for constructs to move between floors Ladders arent a critical part, just seemed like the best option
  10. this is done and in live code
  11. Actually I will apologise for this one, because it was unsolicited, and that's shitty of me. I was likely intoxicated at the time, but it was still bad and i shouldn't do this shit. Its like poking a hornet's nest. Sorry, this was uncalled for Anyways i'm not a friendless loser, i suppose nikov coming to my rescue provides some evidence of that. I'm polarising, and i've always seemed to divide people around me unconsciously into loyal friends and hated enemies. That's got nothing to do with alcohol (that's a recent problem), its just the way I am. As trite as it may sound, this pag
  12. Strong words. I have a bit of a problem with alcohol, sure. but its not that common. I don't have any memory of the above image, although i'd say most of the insults we trade are sober. You and I have a long history of unfriendly banter, delta. Its no secret that we simply don't like each other, i can't remember when or how it started You paint a colorful image, although what you will or won't accept isn't really relevant. I have nothing to prove to you. Though we are technically part of the same company, our professional interactions are largely nonexistent. This is really more of an iss
  13. Let me give you a little example of my thinking. I made the sudoku minigame when modular computers were first released, and before arrow decided to really lock them down. And while it sounds like a harmless fun thing, it had a broader purpose. In our workplace simulator, our computers have a lot of use. Engineering has their power monitors, security has their cameras, medical has their crew monitor, and cargo has their ordering computers. In theory, the station runs smoothest when people are at their stations, doing their jobs. However, sitting in place doing nothing is simply not fun
  14. True. Most of the time those arguments arise when some proposal contradicts with my longterm plans, and i have to let it go. I remember very well computer locking down, tablet computers, the rat king, diona light stacking, paid custom items, making custom things public, lordfowl's overpowered blobs, making the armory non random and a slew of other issues. For the most part ive had to let them all go, and accept these things were someone else's domain now. I remember them all, ive dealt with it. My memory is pretty long, and i don't hold grudges about any of these. All those arguments are w
  15. Most of the issues with the comments in that PR can be attributed to my frustration with lord fowl. I dont have personal issues with anyone aside from him in the dev team. I feel that he has a consistent pattern of ignoring feedback on his work. Not just debating it, but refusing to acknowledge it. And when it comes to his comments on other work, he is a champion at filibustering, that is talking it to death until a PR comes to a standstill. He does not give an inch, he will not compromise, he just demands and demands the same thing repeatedly until I give in. I was actually considering maki
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