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Bound to Unbound



Hey, friends. I was wondering if someone could clear up how station-bound synthetics typically become unbound IPCs. I'm considering creating an IPC and I was hoping CRASA could be used as a personality base.

Who typically allows station-bound synthetics and why? Is it a 'reward' or an experiment or something else? Just looking for a generic example/policy so I can base a backstory off of it.

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You do have to remember (at least on our snowflake station) that most synth's there aren't actually made by NT, being rented out from some company or other, CRASA could probably be judged as a successful model so an IPC unit with the same base could be made, or something idk but it's easy to make something up because it's typically not actually owned by NanoTrasen.

You also have to remember that a good deal of IPC's aren't actually free and are still owned so it could be used as an experimental endeavor into how well it performs without restricting lawsets, (and with hands.) or the like.

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We don't have a set lore. Most bound-to-IPC players I know of have a few stipulations added to their story, so that it wouldn't be so snowflakey. They're either paying off a debt to NanoTrasen, were bought out and freed, or something else. Karima's been 'guilty' of assisting a few synthetics in the past, to gain their freedom. I make it that she vouches for the synthetic, with the help of a few other researchers, and that these are viable units to be freed for the betterment of NT. Lots of business politics floating about. Also do note: This process was done over the course of many, many shifts, and not overnight.

General idea for a synthetic to be freed:

They will still likely be property to their previous owner(s)

They need to pay off a hefty debt

They must be worthy of their freedom (no disfavorable personality or tendencies that humans won't like)

They can be bought by someone else and transferred to an IPC, but they'll be property to that new owner

A station bound literally has nothing - no rights, no property, no chance. So they're going to need a very lucky break to gain freedom.

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