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  1. I was not aware of that, it doesn't seem like something that would work inside of SS13. Something that searches all tabs and exists on the interface would be nice but if CTRL+F works then it's not hugely critical.
  2. Ya, that would be nice. I support this idea, so long as their is no confusion about paramedics being able to EVA.
  3. I'd argue that if there are two rescue technicians, they could talk about who should focus on injuries on station and who should focus on those outside of it, like adults. Although if these are actual alternate titles with no restrictions on what they can do in respects to their master title, and not the shit going on currently, then having them shouldn't be too bad.
  4. Apparently only a few people are able to edit what cargo can order. So @Arrow768 please take a look when you like.
  5. I am unconcerned. Fireaxes do not look all that good for militias compared to say, pikes and guns. To me anyways. My point being that there's plenty of things that can be abused by militias in the computer already.
  6. You do not see fire axes that much, but I like them. They are something that can be handy but not particularly necessary for any duties. Perfect for cargo.
  7. These categories are big and it can be sometimes hard to know if I'm even looking in the right place. A search bar would be pretty nice I think.
  8. Ye, I think merging the medical roles some is a good idea. Although I've not played much medical nowadays, I did like it back when you had the paramedic, and the doctor, who would have the sub-title of surgeon, medical doctor, or...physician? And it denoted what they would be doing provided they're not needed else-where. You had nurses too, they were alright. You can't call me a medical main now though, so my opinions with a grain of salt. The suggested names are too sciencey though, I agree. Even if the mechanics stay the same, it'll change how the department feels, particularly as
  9. Yeah there's not really anything that stops traitors from deciding to visit some vigilante justice on the crew or other traitors, and I've seem them do it in the past.
  10. This just sounds like a traitor/ninja gimmick honestly, I don't see much need for setting it as its own thing.
  11. Xions are supposed to be less heavy-weight than the others, but still robust (making them industrials). So they both ought to need space suits.
  12. Can you tell me how much Xions and zong hoos should be able to wear? Voidsuits or voidsuits+hardsuits?
  13. I think I can get on board with that. Thinking about roller beds, ladders, hoists, and medical kits, it'd probably be for the best anyhow rather than going naked.
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