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  1. Yeah there's not really anything that stops traitors from deciding to visit some vigilante justice on the crew or other traitors, and I've seem them do it in the past.
  2. This just sounds like a traitor/ninja gimmick honestly, I don't see much need for setting it as its own thing.
  3. Xions are supposed to be less heavy-weight than the others, but still robust (making them industrials). So they both ought to need space suits.
  4. Can you tell me how much Xions and zong hoos should be able to wear? Voidsuits or voidsuits+hardsuits?
  5. I think I can get on board with that. Thinking about roller beds, ladders, hoists, and medical kits, it'd probably be for the best anyhow rather than going naked.
  6. While I was mucking around with seeing how to make the code work I found out that Zeng hues can wear soft suits, which include the orange things in the emergency lockers and the generic grey suit, of which there is one in EVA storage. So it's not quite as bad as all that. Bishop frames are also in the same boat as Zeng hu though I'm not planning on touching them.
  7. I think we can safely leave the bishop frame as the one that can't do space. The station is rarely 100% full with 2 EMTs and I doubt I can change that, so I disagree in regards to prohibiting Zenhus. But we'll see what everyone else thinks.
  8. Hello folks. For the sake of democracy I am asking you, the people, which of these two choices you would prefer: A:Zeng-hu IPCs can wear suit-coolers on their back to avoid overheating in space like industrial frames. B:Zheng-hu IPCs can wear voidsuits and hardsuits which have inventory slots for wearing suit coolers. Right now they can do neither, which is silly for a speedy medical frame seemingly made for rescue operations. I can probably implement either options. Right now I am leaning towards A so you can show off your sexy robot body and don't have to think so much about fitting their weird legs in space suits. However I remember some mumblings about only industrials being able to do A because they are thicc and I am interested in not being yelled at, so you decide. I am stating for the record that B is the power gamers choice so you can carry all the medical garbage you want in a satchel. Regardless of your choice I will also endeavor to let xion frames wear space suits fucking finally.
  9. I hope you all are getting into the Christmas spirit

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Scheveningen


      Says the guy who wore a christmas hat as his avatar for a whole year because he was too lazy to change it.

    3. Skull132


      Ye, but you needed to be reminded of this :^)

    4. Fire and Glory

      Fire and Glory

      I went into the local store the other day and saw a section for Christmas objects, chocolates, etc. So it's Christmas now.

  10. Right now if a body is skeleton'd it gets gibbed and prompts ghosts with the wizard role enabled to hop in. This is kind of crud because various times I've seen a wizord talk people into skeletons, kill them, and then skeleton the body. Only because all the ghosts get prompted 9 times out of 10 someone else will become a skeleton, leading to confusion, disappointment, and/or ahelps to fix it. I propose prompting the dead guy to become a skeleton, if yes, gib and spawn him as skeleton. If no, or body is empty, gib and ping ghosts to become skeleton, if he takes 5 seconds or such, do the latter anyway. This would make things less crud in my eyes.
  11. I sort of feel like keeping rifles which are known for penetrating things like walls on a space station which is also rife with friendlies* might be a bad idea. *As well as explosive fuel tanks I might add. Keeping it out of the armory would be okay I'd guess.
  12. Just throwing it out there but I think being able to construct a stationary mount which you can then attach a mech gun to might be a better idea compared to letting you walk around with one. It'd still give you access to the firepower without edging in on what mechs or RIGs do.
  13. Currently all KA upgrades cost 5 credits, including the one that fires lasers. A lil bit silly I'd say.
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