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[CLOSED] StephenIsSuperCool unban request

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[bYOND Key: (StephenIsSuperCool)

Total Ban Length: (Permanent)

Banning staff member's Key: (skull132)

Reason of Ban:(4th time attempting suicide, enough is enough)

Reason for Appeal:(http://imgur.com/ymI8ZTj as you can here I have taken the time to completely finish the pokedex, I have done this because I wanted to show the perseverance and dedication i feel for this server, the fact that I would go through this elaborate test to prove my worth shows my passion for being able to play on Aurora again. Sense I was able do this magnificent feat, I would think that you would want a valuable "pokemaster" to play on your server.)

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I believe that you should unban me because I was able to complete the pokedex, I have proven myself a worthy citizen of the Kanto region by providing them an all inclusive encyclopedia of pokemon. Just as I will prove to provide Aurora with valuable Pokeknowlage.

No matter, I can see I will have no justice here. I demand trial by Poke-Battle, OR/AS is the chosen platform. If I win, I will be unbanned, however if I lose then I will accept my punishment.

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