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  1. Not even gonna touch the IC char part of this cause it's been answered a billion times. As for the OOC/meta side, I think our server has a lot of gay players and afaik, we haven't had an issue with people being homophobic or hating on people cause of their gender identity. Sure, people will throw around the typical internet insults 'ur a figgit'...'thats gay' etc. , but I've never really seen it as homophobic. I mean, I'm openly gay and I've never been bullied or anything because of my sexual orientation. I know there's quite a few gay people on staff too. I think at this point as lo
  2. Willing to give ya another shot, since it's been awhile and you seem to understand that drones shouldn't 'actively' participate in antag related stuffs. Will remove your ban.
  3. As a side note: While we understand that the incident in question may have really frustrated some people, someone(s) from the admin/mod team will investigate the incident and then decide, independently, the course of action and/or any punishments. It may or may not result in a warning, a worse punishment or no punishment at all. We will investigate the incident and come to a conclusion based on that investigation, as with all other complaints.
  4. If you're not gonna defend yourself seriously, then I'm gonna have to close this thread. Sorry man. Message someone if you want to post an actual appeal. ~LOCKED~
  5. You were previously banned for sexually harassing another player. You making an alt account and getting past that ban doesn't magically grant you another chance at an unban. Locking. Feel free to unlock if there's more to add.
  6. Alright, oth sides have had their say. Jboy said his bit and DaBurs responded. Further posts should not deal directly with the points Jboy touched on (unless it's by a third party adding more relevant information).
  7. I want it to be clear that admins don't release teslas or sings during an uneventful round without at least tossing a vote at the server or something. Thank you. Xander is claiming ownership of the fact that he esentially claimed (as far as admins were concerned) to be running the event, by giving us directions to release the Tesla. Keeping that in mind, the Tesla was both 1) Isolated to a totally different Z-level than the main station and 2) far less lethal and round-ending than a Singularity. With these two facts in mind, Xander, who both IJ and I thought was the
  8. The Tesla damage was contained to the outpost itself. And, as has been stated before, I don't think anyone died as a result of it being released (and engineer DID die from Tesla damage, but he was just sitting too close to the thing before IJ or myself did anything). My primary rebuttle against the accusation against myself and IJ is that we did not release the Tesla in an attempt to griff. We did it under the assumption that Xander was leading the event, and only after receiving REPEATED go-aheads from him to release it. We did not act independently to alter an event, we believed we wer
  9. My justification was that I was under the impression that Xander was the event leader, then he gave the go-ahead to release the tesla coil. He was VERY adamant about releasing it. I remained under the assumption that it was his event.
  10. Meteor shower was admin spawned by me under the impression that it would impact the outpost. AFAIK , it did not. Prompting me to use the meteor pen
  11. Hi. I did not PM Xander but was talking in DOsay as a whole. Here's a snippet of the conversation: I was under the impression that Xander was heading the event (I joined the round late). Xander seemed to give directions though, and so I assumed that this was a DO-run event. I tried to fire off some meteors to disable a corner of the emitter, but they were caught in some stasis field. Xander then kept asking for me or someone to quickly release the Tesla. IJ obliged by causing an explosion on one of the emitters.
  12. From what I can gather, it seems like the nuke ops might've been a bit too chucklefuckey. But overall I don't have an issue with nuke ops disguising themselves as clown and boarding the station.
  13. So a bunch of cultists on old generational ships to nowhere? Sounds pretty cool. I forget when exactly bluespace drives were invented (or their warp precursors or w/e) but as long as this is before that timeframe, it makes sense to me. Do you plan on having the flotilla enter the Tau Ceti System, or have people migrant to the Aurora on their own due to selling their services/exile/etc. ?
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