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[Accepted]Xzinic's Dionaea Application

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BYOND Key: Xzinic

Character Names: Xinc (xinic), R. Stein Fraxial, R. Syman, Malvis, Cl-10, Xzinic Antinomy, Xzinic Scintilla.

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. I find "The Organic Craft" the most intriguing of the dionaea types.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I would like to enact the role of a character that is composed of multiple minds forming a single body while incorporating each mind into an in-character situation. I find that no other race is a valid candidate of achieving this without seeming non realistic in regards to in-game lore or viewed as a cliche character. The Dionaea is literally the perfect race for such characters. The Dionaea is a creatively designed species, both in biological and psychological aspects, that requires one to think in a creative manner when playing as.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

A human is an individual mind with a single body. A dionae gestalt / worker is a single entity composed of multiple minds, each mind with its own body. This requires a player to take into consideration the thoughts of each individual nymph composing his or her gestalt. It must noted that each nymph, if what I perused from the wiki is accurate, often has its own unique name and a dionae worker has, likewise, a unique name of its own; each name denoting a past experience or event of a diona's life. This allows players to give each composing nymph a backstory of its own prior to coalescing into a dionae worker possessing a backstory of its own. Depending on each nymph's knowledge, a player's dionae may be endowed with a multitude of information pertaining to numerous role-based subjects. Such knowledge will, of course, cause some to view one's gestalt as being a mary sue; however, this can be avoided if one properly role-plays how said dionae acquired such information.

Character Name: Life Doth Strive By Crimson Eyes.

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Life Doth Strive By Crimson Eyes obtained their name as a result to a near-death experience while on board the NSS Redemption. The experience originated in a secluded corridor where seven nymphs were coalescing into a worker. Their only source of light being a fading bulb. The moment they had finished merging into their current form, an unknown assailant shattered their bulb and, according to them, impaled and paralyzed the worker with a large needle of some sort. They report hearing the following phrase before losing awareness: “De’Va’KradaChi.”

They had regained “awareness,” as they often call ti, and found themselves submerged in a radium-filled tub. They refer to this tub as their pool of life, for it did indeed revitalize each diona nymph and the gestalt themselves. Next to this container of liquid life was a red-eyed medical IPC peering down at them. Out of gratitude or relief of being alive, perhaps both, the dionae worker had named itself as Life Doth Strive By Crimson Eyes. After a few weeks of paperwork adhering to political and corporate red-tape, Life Doth Strive By Crimson Eyes became an NT employee. Though their current fields of profession pertain to custodial and mining work, they are slowly but surely expanding their ken in medical, science, engineering, and other major areas of NT employment.

What do you like about this character?

I find the eldritch history of this dionae to be interesting. The mystery surrounding whoever or whatever assaulted them is definitely an attention getter to those with curious eyes. I like how this gestalt is working their way from the bottom up in terms of knowledge. Their current fields of employment also hint of a deep psychological fear of the dark; NT custodians often are provided with a light-bulb re-placer while NT miners are provided with extremely bright lamps as well as optical meson scanners, which grant one the ability to somewhat see in the dark without need of a light-source.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

My view of my measure of role-playing would be a seven out of ten. I find that I have difficulty role-playing every aspect of my character. I do try, however, to disallow my true feelings of certain icly situation from affecting my character’s personality. For example, when I play as Xinc, there are times when I want to tell the characters Xinc’s treating to shut-the-hell-up but Icly that is not something Xinc would do so I don’t do it.

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Guest Complete Garbage

I've mostly just interacted with Xinc before, but from what I've seen, Xzinic is all-around a very good player. Also, the application is articulate, and it seems like a decent amount of effort was put into it. Definite +1 from me.

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Xinc is a pretty cool guy, quiet but efficient. Saved me from death by stealthsuit once. As is often said, People remember how you made them feel, more than what you actually did. Your actions made me like you more, and you've done nothing against me.

From this application i get a feeling that it's just a stepping stone on a journey for you, and doesn't mean much. But it'll be fun to see what you do with it

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Hello hello!

Sorry for missing this, had a busy weekend.

I remember you well - I was also the one who had, back then, approved your IPC.

Seeing as you're still reported to be quite good, I'm going to go ahead and approve this application. Enjoy!

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