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[meh] The City of Hope Nova

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Well, Its a bit of all Three

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2454

Region of Space: Frontier

Controlled by (if not a faction): Independent

Other Snapshot information: This is basically a Small Settlement in the Frontier Named 'Hope Nova' on the Planet 'GR-31' Since no one has really gotten a name for it and there isn't anything about it to really give it a name besides it weird orbital pathway (Will be explained in the Long Description)

Long Description:

(Message From Hope Nova Mayor: James W Marcus): Our Small Haven, of Hope Nova, Has accepted all kinds of people, species and Races! We are built of the Demands of Sol Alliance Standards and Regulations. Through out our summers, we have record temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while during the winter it reaches -50 degrees Fahrenheit, marking our orbit moving closer and farther from the sun during these seasons, but the weirdest thing I find, these radical temperatures only last a few hours of the day. Which is 13 hours of light, followed by 13 hours of Darkness, a 26 Hour Rotations cycle. The City has established a Large Hanger Docking port beside the Middle of the Town, where the Evans Family Ship is docked, since their funding made the town possible, they have a place of honor as Noble Traders of the Town. The town has progressed well, from Huts to Metal, Stone and Wood buildings, Cobble-like Roads, and a growing Market and Industrial areas. There are Five Major Roads leading off in different directions and dividing up the town, keeping it nice and neat. We have a Local Security Force, about forty five strong and always ready to serve. The Population is most Human, followed by Unathi then evenly divided between Skrell and Tarajan. The Cities main Industries are, Hydroponics Farming. Lumbering in the Northern Forest, and then Factories producing a array of Goods from Southern Mining Operations. Although the City is small, A range of 1500-2000 civilians living within its Borders of around 140 kilometers in each direction, a nice circle border in its Claim. Known Crime Rate is Low and we have not meant the Requirements to join the Sol Alliance but are actively seeking it. We wish to keep growing and establish a official trading lane with the Empires.

[End Transmission]

With the Rustic Building Style, it looks like an old worn down town already, like its political status. The politics are slightly screwed, There are two majoring parties, The 'Workers Pride' and 'Trading Guild'. The Workers Pride is working for a set minimum wage, better working policies and to pull James Marcus out of his mayor-ship. The Workers Pride also is pushing hard for more laws to protect Civilians, giving them more rights, currently there are not many laws protecting people, (Like very strict laws stopping Officers from arresting you without a warrant, etc. They just need a bit of proof, There are no laws dealing with agreed ways to settle things, Example, if you picked a fight with a Unathi, and he murdered you. Well, you started it, so he walks away free with no issues.) The Trading Guild, are more built from the Traders of the town, and those who sell things, mainly they are fighting against everything the Workers Pride is working towards, they always actually want to raise housing taxes. Currently Building taxes (When you own a deed to a house/building, anything with a roof): Are 12% of yearly income.

The peace between all the species is fairly well since they are all are treated like crap by the higher working classes. The government style is meant to be Democratic, but the rules on the Voting is: You must pay taxes, Have the deed of at least one building, and, Must have a Citizenship of Hope Nova, which the last two, are very hard to come by, the Governmental system makes it that way, putting blocks and illegal loopholes to stop those of 'The Workers Pride' from being able to vote.

Crimes around are slightly Petty, just break-ins, robbery, assault, nothing really note worthy, but Murder is pushed on the news and the media make sure everyone knows about murders around the city.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Lore canonizations are for things you want to see on the wiki. Your backstory with things like this are automatically canon the moment you think them up, unless people start to complain about it being unrealistic.

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Lore canonizations are for things you want to see on the wiki. Your backstory with things like this are automatically canon the moment you think them up, unless people start to complain about it being unrealistic.


Oh... rrrrr was talking to me about that, I just thought that I would still have to put in a application for it... Thank you much

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Meh. I will mark this as "meh" as long as you are not from a rainbow planet where your wife is a 7 foot amazon that looks like a humanoid sparkledog.

Locking, archiving, marking.

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