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  1. BYOND Key: LordPwner Game ID: b2T-aN2A Player Byond Key/Character name: TheAbsoluteMadMan - Zack Koster Staff involved: Shadow Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? It was ahelped, but nothing was done to my knowledge, seeing is how they insantly joined the next round. Approximate Date/Time: 08/24/2019 12:00ish CDT (GMT-5) Story Time: http://prntscr.com/owuyhc This all started it. This right here. Him literally just shouting, "Sex offender." Which is a no no, records have clearance requirements. http://prntscr.com/owuyrv Here is where i come in. The wonderful Angel to save the day. Look at me go with my butterfly wings. http://prntscr.com/owuywy I'm then informed about what has happened and Uriel with his big ole baton when like, "hells nah" http://prntscr.com/owuz3y I then call them to the HoS office, after buying a laptop. Because this should be a quick suspension and removal. Woot. http://prntscr.com/owuzg2 I gave the officer a single chance to try to defend himself. He failed. http://prntscr.com/owuzlg Since he couldn't do it. I ask for his ID. You know, like how any NORMAL demotion/suspension would go. http://prntscr.com/owuzsj We found him hiding in disposals. Now that I think back on it. I should have just flushed him, but no. He was just being childish. Easy fix. http://prntscr.com/owv002 So while the Detective has his gun drawn. He is told to drop his belt. He refuses. I being uriel evans, open the HoS locker for the baton and click it on, stunning him repeatly till he goes down. He gets up and keeps fighting with a loaded gun pointing at him. http://prntscr.com/owv0bu I get shot too, because fuck me. But we've both got bullet wounds now. And he already has a massive brig time. http://prntscr.com/owv0jg Of course, my ass gets beat. Uriel is forty-two, gotten tear gas and a bullet inside of him. He isn't an officer but there is literally no one else to do something. At this point. He gets captured by the CE and we both go to medical, both get fixed, both get sent out. Together. I dragged him back to Security. http://prntscr.com/owv144 While in Securtiy, when I'm ringing up his charges. He tries to break out. So I have to engage with him, which leads to another blood bath in which we're both in medical. http://prntscr.com/owv1lw So he steals my gun and lethals me in the head. Actually trying to murder me. He's playing to win. So I spam flash him, because fuck 'em. http://prntscr.com/owv1vg He broke multiple bones, popped my lung and basically took me out of the round, AGAIN because he wanted to be this neo-justice soldier. http://prntscr.com/owv2nn So after our second gun-show down and I'm dying. He isn't much better. He just ghosts and fucks off to do something else, literally meaning we can't do anything to actually punish him but drag around a fucking SSD guy that doesn't care he has been a massive fucking asshole. http://prntscr.com/owv3at I don't see no Zach Koster there. http://prntscr.com/owv3nw So here we all are. Talking about how horrible the round was because instead of the Antags we all voted secret for, building us a story. WE had some nutjob security officer who an enjoyment for lowrp. http://prntscr.com/owv3y8 And the start of next round. He doesn't care. He's here to start shit. I Don't know what to do with him, but something has got to be done because holy shit. This doesn't make sense ICly or OOCly for a character/player to behave this way. I get the fucking memes, "Urinal" and shit like that in OOC, funny stuff. Sometimes funny in IC too. But this was literally removing me from the round. I physically couldn't play because I was Crit for most of it or brain damaged. And I'll give him some points. He were pretty pissed off and being pretty heavy about it saying things like, "That isn't how an officer should behave" "That was bullshit." And yet he says.. For us to cry more. Fucking great. Vrom watched the whole thing in ghost TheBurningSherman was the AI. Shadow was the CE, Steven Hejuk, YourDaddy117 was the detective that shot me, yet I still love you ❤️ Nantei joined late as Shiki but observed some of this behavior ICly Menown has his character's fucking record screamed out over comms. Nikov.... was there. somethingiguess said something in chat so rip. But yeah. This guy did this to "win" and ruin our round. To fuck our shit up to get his nockers off. I'm a little pissed off it took me so long to write all this.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Uriel J. Evans Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain Game ID: b2S-cBH1 Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) Peyton Baer, Xenobiologst - Offender Jesse Armstrong, Head of Security - Witness. Mistress, Artificial Intelligence, - Witness Reyna Goodstone, Consular Officer Zeng He. - Witness Simon Lacroix, Unknown - Other Clockwork Moore, Biomechanical Engineer - Other Time of Incident: Unknown. Real Time: Approx. 1:15 CDT (GMT-5) Location of Incident: Xeno-biology Lab Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ Overview of the Incident: Mister or Doctor Baer, I am unsure due to his lacking employment records. Has on multiple shifts gotten himself wounded by his slimes. He does not practice lab safety and is costing the company not only time, but also money. I have worked enough shifts with him to remind him more than once to adhere to generally accepted safety measures when dealing with slimes, but he has often allowed them to escape the cells anyway. As a noted Security charge, he has been documented on this behavior before and punished. He knows better. But in any case. He does not seem fit for the lab and I request his removal until he can be properly trained. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: N/A Actions taken: N/A Additional Notes: His wounding happened near the end of the shift, not long after he finally showed up for work. I did not have time to take direct action. But even if I did, this IR would still be filed. The Company does not have the time or the resources to burn on constantly suspending someone who does not know their job.
  3. Time to valid nerds.

  4. Right. I also don't like this PR, not only is actually not accurate. But its disprovable. Your base is that women earn 20 cents less (Most Left-Research claim it to be .23 cents on the dollar, so you're making light of the problem!). But where are we getting this from? .20-23 cents less than their male counterparts.. Why can we see this trend? Why does this INJUSTICE occur? Well we can see it a lot based on the United Statues Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics that women on average work less hours. (Oh God the Sky is falling, someone call a Doctor. My rights are hurt.) Why is this important? Our studies show that women earn less either way! The reason my dear cupcake that it is important. Is that women working less hours get paid less. To emphasize why this is not an issue, in the United States women have their own Bureau. (U.S Code Title 29. Chapter 2) In case you'd not like to look up, I'll quote it right here: (This will be U.S. Code Title 29. Chapter 2 Paragraph 13) "It shall be the duty of the Women’s Bureau to formulate standards and policies which shall promote the welfare of wage-earning women, improve their working conditions, increase their efficiency, and advance their opportunities for profitable employment. The said bureau shall have authority to investigate and report to the Department of Labor upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of women in industry. The director of said bureau may from time to time publish the results of these investigations in such a manner and to such extent as the Secretary of Labor may prescribe." (Cornell) Women in the US have their own department fighting for them, Along with EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You know. The guys that make sure you're not getting discriminated against. To also quote the EEOC also: "Under the laws enforced by EEOC, it is illegal to discriminate against someone (applicant or employee) because of that person's race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to retaliate against a person because he or she complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit." (EEOC) So now that we have established that there are programs in place to stop these issues, lets hear again from our friendly EEOC: "It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee in the payment of wages or employee benefits on the bases of race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. Employee benefits include sick and vacation leave, insurance, access to overtime as well as overtime pay, and retirement programs. For example, an employer many not pay Hispanic workers less than African-American workers because of their national origin, and men and women in the same workplace must be given equal pay for equal work." (EEOC) Wow! Wait.. In the United States there are legal issues with paying women less? 😮 Yes. The EEOC takes actions against companies that do horrible things! Its their job. But Pwner. Women still on average make less than men. Its not fair and not right. There is discrimination here and its justifies our political PR! I'll once again have to disagree. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2006, (Based on a study in 2007), The BLS found that men worked more hours. And as you'll see in the figure below during 2014: The BLS kinda pushes that men work more hours. So is this discrimination or choice? Its choice. As seen by The Atlantic and writer Kelly Field women often move into lower paying, less taxing jobs. Such as: cosmetology and child care. And you'll find in first world countries where they are more freedoms, women choose to move towards the Arts, Teaching, Care. While in 2nd or 3rd World Countries: India, China, women enter more into fields of Science and Engineering. (Hetching) Even the Washington Post even gave the idea of the wage gap Two Pinocchios. (As much as two wooden dildos can be trusted.) Another figure who debunks it is Steven Crowder, Owner and Director of the Podcast "Louder With Crowder." "Equal Pay" Feminist Myths Debunked... Thoroughly! *Watch at your own risk* And yes, I've checked my American Privilege but in any case. This PR is not factual and does not hold any water. I quoted Schev because I want his/her sources along mine. His/Her argument along mine. (I don't know so, CYB). So no, I agree with Toaster. Don't do this PR. Don't step on toes. Don't fuck people over. Sources I've used: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/29/chapter-2 https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2007/jul/wk1/art01.htm?view_full https://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2015/time-spent-working-by-full-and-part-time-status-gender-and-location-in-2014.htm https://www.investors.com/politics/commentary/how-come-nobody-talks-about-the-gender-workplace-death-gap/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/04/02/the-equal-pay-day-factoid-that-women-make-78-cents-for-every-dollar-earned-by-men/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.f72156815f50 https://hechingerreport.org/spite-growing-shortage-male-dominated-vocations-women-still-arent-showing/ https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2018/01/why-are-women-still-choosing-the-lowest-paying-jobs/551414/ https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/pregnancy.cfm Other sources: https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/cv17.pdf https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/your-right-accommodation-during-pregnancy.html
  5. I also agree with @Neinbox. Way to broad in all reality. Not sure why anyone would use this.
  6. So two humans factions. Where is this stuff in game as well? Serious question. And from reading through this thread. It appears they would be hated by other unathi, skrell would be a bit put off. And its hard to assume a number of other people may go with.. 'The fuck are you thinking?' Its a large step to take that on. The new emotes suggestion as stated. I believe we should flesh out what we have already. Instead of throwing more species into the pot. Is that a crime to ask? It appears so to you. ((That may not be the way your replying to that part. But text doesn't show emotion well.)) It appears to be throwing or reaching for the next 'high.' The Lii'dra was a high in the server's story arc. Something big, something cool and something flashy. This appears to be a high moved to another high. Something techy, Something cool, something flashy. While we might have it 'in lore' though I'm not finding Oss? they are an AI yes? Yet not notable? As stated, I don't think it was well planned out nor it this something I find too.. connecting with what we have. But to say its 'in lore' since its literally just been added is a bit.. far out there. That'd be like Mexico annexing Panama and going, "You're been apart of our union for a long time" or any other logical fallacy you wish to put. I don't think throwing us into another new species with new mechanics when Dionae aren't even finished in lore/mechanics is really that good. I do enjoy the idea of the species, they appear to be pretty cool. Do I think they should be put in right now when there is so much to do? No. No I don't. If the server isn't careful they are going to end up like Dayz. "We'll have this game done in a year.. all base mechanics down... Oh... three years later... we added... new trees... you like yes?" This thread is for feedback, I gave mine. You're welcome
  7. So... the Aut'akh are Unathi that have closed the tech gap... but.. Humans and other species haven't been witness to this tech before? At least not in the same manners to my knowledge. I don't think personally that NT would even go out on a limb to hire these guys if they are so hated... Say what you will but NT is a company. They are all about image. They may be evil and rich but if everyone says, "Fuck you" and stops buying. They die. End of story. I just see too many holes... This AI, Oss that produces these blueprints to make these Unathi to allow themselves to augment and change their organs.. It just.. seems like they are being reached for. And that doesn't make good story. If you're reading a book and the author is throwing the line out for an idea or topic.. it kills interest imo. It has to flow. This just doesn't flow. I'd suggest look at boosting our current listing of our species. New emotes. Fleshed out backstory. More contacts. Maybe a fucking massive Dionae showing up. I don't know.. but this just seems like a throw to build off the Lii'dra attack and its not a good one.
  8. Well I do think a number of these have moved to the Relay Discord. and I can get behind this. I do like the Personal Query Terminal personally. and try to get people into it 😜 But yeah. It could be good to hack things off that aren't getting used.
  9. I have to agree with ben, Z to Z combat could be interesting. sometimes you'd have to rethink about where you make your 'last stand' and if you can just ladder block to forever then throw a nade down.. you really can just destroy people and give no counters expect full surrender. So yeah +1 Z to Z combat could be super interesting.
  10. I shall... play Stellaris... 

  11. Right, as with Resi I agree we all have bad months, weeks, sometimes we can even have a shit year. I feel like for the most part that Caruso has been a good character overall. And their B.R.I.A.N AI is grand to have around. I haven't seen any antag play to my knowledge, but would assume its decent. My issue is the ability to disconnect the IC from the OOC at least from myself. Back during the Lii'dra event, you thought I had this desire to send you away from the Aurora, that just wasn't the case. I was only trying to keep my RP realistic to what was going on based on the IC information I had. I actually quite enjoyed your characters and your OOC me-mes. In anycase. If Campin can balance the IC and OOC, whatever their feelings are. I think they can have their whitelist back.
  12. Sure. Let 'em have it +1 Overall good, a few issues, but we're human. Sure they'll do great
  13. So I've done a few rounds as Zane Miller, looking for feedback. Tell me about the shit I've done right, shit I've done wrong and if you like my Zanie. I'll be doing records and thicking backstory ❤️ Thanks much everyone
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