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  1. Also from an IC standpoint why do we even have R&D do the same research every fucking time. I agree with alot in this post, R&D SHOULD be caps there bois, me and the bois be capping our words start with some levels. It is so annoying as a Robotist to sit there and basically beat thou meat and build seventy clean bots while waiting for a server sync. You are quite literally held by the balls by your co-workers and if you piss them off (and no one is there to force their hand) you basically gotta pray that either ISD listens to you and can get proof OR someone links it for you. (I know this isn't common but it CAN happen.) So I agree with the post, let R&D start with some extra levels (NOT ALL) so Robotics can do some dos. I'd also say we could add in a 'random event' research idea that changes every couple or every round, like a topic of something so R&D isn't so fucking boring because yeah people can do this in 10-20 minutes even if you're IQ is 7 and you're literally a vegetable you can do R&D by forcing items into the thingy and pressing the big red button repeatedly And yeah @Arrow, going to have to have a big disagree on your dismissal. Your point 1.) Doesn't cover the topic at hand, 2.) Only handles the extreme of "give all research" while it seems a majority of us want to just start with some basics so robotics isn't stuck with only the basic shit-bots 3.) From an IC view a robotist/Bio-engineer shouldn't be digging around in a crate to do their job. They didn't go to school for 4-8 years after Secondary education to dig in a crate. The loser from 26B down in District dumbhole, who didn't go to university. Now that guy, he studied to dig in a crate.
  2. Down with the cat people. Skrell forever. 

  3. That could work really. Just having it hurt and being annoying instead of /deadly/. I can sit behind most of this tbh. Removing the mechanic totally, changing it where it doesn't kill you or maybe even just minor minor minor damage. Like 2 brute in the lower body, Idfk. But yeah. There have been so many times where I've been playing Zane (Vol.) Miller and my appendix thought: "This is a great time to murder you." in middle of the operation. Appendix man bad. But yeah without a good medical staff or someone willing to brush the line of power-game, this is round ending mechanic as it is. Hopefully this thread does see it changed or improved on.
  4. Howdy! I've rp'd with Doctor Alwenn with multiple characters and so far I like, I like a lot. I haven't gotten to RP with your other characters so this might change. While I really do want to see you with with whitelist, can you tell me more about your Director? Maybe a draft of employement records? Some back story? I want to see where your head is with your new character. (I know it's not required, but I do want to know <3) I'd recommend looking at the other roles, the chain of command, and etc other pages to understand things before hopping in the deep end. Otherwise you got my vote. +1
  5. Pushing Borya out of the recent status to destroy our friends. Down with friends. 

  6. I can roll behind this. I'd like to watch Agnes throw her around.. Two female shells fighting. What more can you ask for? +1
  7. Partly it was written at 2AM on a caffeine high. And well.. I'll just be upfront about it. I'm shit with backstories. I'm still tossing and turning about Zane's backstory. I normally find myself molding it into a better version of it self through RP. I don't know why my brain just can't be like, "It work like this, this what it be." It's just.. Not something I can do well to be frank. If you note my Dionae app you'll see the horror of that. But it's just a main baseline (See what I did there?) to build from and start developing as time goes on.
  8. 10/10 Give me feedback please babes. Tell me I'm shit. Tell me I'm good. I just NEED feedback.



  9. I can get behind the bonuses that way if medical is swamped and there are six IB cases, one does not have to go and get one person all undressed and redress. If they can't spare the time. but also benefit to do HRP, I like Vis' suggestion :3
  10. Ew Skull checked my profile Kill me.

  11. BYOND Key: LordPwner Character Names: Uriel J. Evans Zane T. Miller (Vol. Miller) Raul Callaghan Data DG D-291:M-A (Borg/AI/pAI) C/Tpr. Knight Pebbles On the River Bed. Raven Evans. Species you are applying to play: IPC/Human Shell, What color do you plan on making your first alien character: N/A Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I've read over it yes and it's a big part of why I picked the Shell instead of the G2. Thought Zeng Hu's mobility model was tempting. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I want to be someone's total bitch. I wish to play the IPC race to build off the now closed ideals of the SIF attacks. IPC's have this interesting ideal where they have human intelligence, sometimes beyond Unless you're study bot. Yet they have a servitude class and/or second-class citizenship. They are basically branded and forced to work for their builders till they pay off their debt or rest in endless serving. They also can have an easier emotional disconnect which can be interesting. Acting in part by the will of their owners and their commands. While being smart enough to know right from wrong. Much like the Overmind from Starcraft before Kerrigan took over the swarm. It was bound to do Amon's will, yet was smart enough to recognize slavery. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Well a few things actually. You don't feel pain, it's just not in your programming. You don't eat or drink. The kitchen is useless to you, you however touch an APC to top off. You have EMP's to be fully scared of because holy shit instant or close to instant death. As above, you're tagged. You are literally property or if free, still seen as lesser. So expression or free-flow thought would be limited and later increased with the great error of human interaction. Think "Detroit Become Human", robotic till pushed or programmed human from the start. It's an interesting ideal. Knowing your skill sets and role the instant you are informed.. Not having a childhood or parents. Character Name: Data Please provide a short backstory for this character: Data physical model was constructed in the year 2458, a year after the Terraneus Diagnostics when the Shell was made perfect. The Data Department Generalization programming was transcribed to fit and function without laws and instructed on basics of humanity, and the laws of the Grand Republic of Biesel by Nanotrasen's Research Departments. The Data programmed, officially named Data DG D-292:M-S or wrote out: Data Department Generalization. Designation-292:Model: Shell. This however was shortened to "Data" to help appear more human. Data was installed into the shell body to better function in it's new role: Coperate Consular Officer or Internal Affairs. Since Data has been constructed recently and has been adapted from old programming He has had to under-go minor physical education. After this he has been adapted to fill the lacking role of the Internal Affairs Office of Nanotrasen. Aboard the N.S.S Upsilon to help and insist. It has recently been ordered to transfer to the N.S.S Aurora II to help handle the large amounts of staff complaints coming up through the chain of command towards central. What do you like about this character? Data is the type of employee who will sit down and walk employees step by step through a reporting process but in the same breath also report them for slandering the company on the spot. His whole goal is to streamline the company's morale and handle as many issues as possible. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 I've got a lot of experience but still slip up, though I'm getting better at catching myself Notes: I think I covered it all above. Please leave your feedback and help me to improve it!
  12. Time for College algebra someone fucking end me  :          '       )

  13. This could be super cool, but much like ghetto surgery have a chance to really fuck you over, like just stabbing yourself and you get none of it out. This way you'd still rather get the surgery the right way.. But I kinda have to agree with Resi. Dying is hard. When Uriel was taken hostage in an auto traitor round was shot twice in the back of the head and it didn even do damage really. Just gave minor brute. But yeah would love to see this!
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