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Unban Appeal: MrDarklord965

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Byond key: MrDarklord965

Total ban length: 4.4 days

Banning staff's member's key: soundscopes

Reason of ban: End of round grief straight after an announcement about the rule and logging while talking

Reason for appeal: I honestly did not see the announcement, you probably hear that a lot, but I truly did not see the announcement, I had never fought in the shuttles before up until now, and promise sincerely to not make that mistake again.

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Since you took the trouble of making an appeal, I think this is deserving of an unban.

Yes, we do hear of people missing the announcement quite a bit, but it does happen. As far as I'm concerned, it's already a lesson learned here - no point in keeping the ban up any longer.

Will wait for Scopes' response.

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My announcement was done in OOC which can be missed sometimes because of certain reasons.

I would be happy to unban you, my one concern is you logging while I was talking to you. Could you please give me a reason for that as I always give 2 days for logging while being contacted by staff, if they don't come back within a set time.

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