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Suspension field generators buildable

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As title says, Xenoarchaeology suspension field generators should be build-able and upgrade-able via R&D.

This makes it so, Xenoarchaeologists can work on multiple sites if needed be and/or replace the missing suspension field generator. Since working in zero-g is already painstakingly slow, upgrading the suspension field generator to be faster, or more energy efficient through upgraded parts would be great as well.

Possible parts list:

x2 manipulator

x3 micro-laser

x1 cable coil

x1 console screen

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I've seen this suggestion before somewhere around here, and I'll say the same thing I said then: This would be really nice. The upgrading part is unique to this thread in particular, but all the more reason to support it in my opinion. There can be a lot of xenoarchs and anomalists at once, and only having one field generator usually doesn't cut it. They can't be built, and as far as I know, they can't be ordered, so this would be a fantastic addition if coders can find out how to swing it.

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