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The Hidden wonders of Chemicals!


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So as some of you may know, i've spent the past week working tirelessly on the Aurora Wiki, since i joined the wiki team.

The biggest bulk of my work so far has been on the Guide to Chemistry wiki page, which i've been mostly rewriting from the ground up. It's quite a ways from finished yet, but it's more than half done, and you can see my progress here:


But i've created this thread for more than just advertising. In the process of undertaking this project, i've discovered a LOT of new things. A lot of bugs, a lot of hidden effects, and a lot of content that was barely touched before, due to nobody understanding how it worked. Theres a lot of new information that needs to be shared

Everything i've found is documented there, but you might not notice the new things unless you were looking for them. The purpose of this thread is simple, i'm going to tell you directly about all the cool, unknown, or disappointing discoveries i've made, in an effort to raise awareness amongst the community, and encourage increased levels of knowledge and competence amongst those who work with chemicals of any sort.

This thread will mostly be of interest to medical players, and scientists. But there's quite a few things here that might interest security, too. And there's a lot of things in here that will give you new ideas on how to be a devious antagonist.

I'll be editing things into the second post as necessary. Information coming shortly!

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Carbon, a simple element, has a function even when not mixed into things. When made into pill form and ingested, carbon will clean the patient's stomach, removing other chemicals from there. Now we have an effective way to clean ingested toxins, and deal with mushroom-scoffing assistants!

Tricordrazine heals all four damage types. Not just three, as the name would imply. It's also more widely available than you might expect because;

Donk pockets are full of healing magic! When a donk pocket is warmed up in a microwave, it contains a bit of tricordrazine, and eating it will heal your wounds, burns and poisons a bit. However it's important to note, oddly, that donk pockets only contain tricord when they're warm. it magically appears when they're heated, and disappears if you let them cool.

Dylovene heals more than toxins. IT also cures drowsines, hallucinations, and liver damage.

Rezadone is a semi magical wonderdrug which heals everything but brain damage. It's the only medicine that can heal genetic damage outside of a cryotank, and its side effects are minimal.

In addition, foods made with space carp can be made safe, by adding copper and cryptobiolin in equal quantities to the carpotoxin, the chemicals will react and make rezadone instead. Note that to add chemicals to foods, you have to use the condimaster in the freezer to put them into condiment bottles, and apply it from those.

Arithrazine, a rarely used anti radiation drug, is better than it seems. Aside from purging radiation insanely fast, it also works as a powerful antitoxin (150% better than dylovene), and is useful to stabilise patients in sepsis. Although it does cause some trauma damage to the patient, it's actually pretty minor and will self heal easily. it doesn't damage internal organs at all

Methylphenidate, Paroxetine, and Citalopram, the three mental stabilising drugs, don't really have gameplay effects. For the most part all they do is give roleplay-only messages to the patient. Paroxetine can cause hallucinations though

Synaptizine isn't just a cure for mindbreaker, as the description used to imply. It's actually a powerful, long-lasting, stimulant and painkiller that works amazingly well as a performance enhancing drug, causing you to recover much faster from stuns, weakness, drowsiness and paralysis. This makes the user massively resistant to flashbangs, and actually enables you to get up and walk when you go down in critical condition. It could be a powerful thing to distribute to security officers before they go into battle. Berserker in a bottle.

Potassium Chlorophoride is a massively overpowered paralytic. It doesn't actually stop the heart, as the descriptions used to suggest, but it will instantly cause the victim to fall down, and stay down for over 3 minutes per unit. It doesn't mute the victim, but they're immediately unable to fight back, which makes taking their headset or covering their mouth pretty easy.

a 5u dose in an autoinjector or hypospray will incapacitate someone for 15 minutes, which could actually make it a useful weapon in battle, and probably better for self defense than chloral hydrate. This seems really overpowered and will probably generate lots of upset people when used, it should probably be nerfed a bit.

Speaking of which, Chloral Hydrate being lethal at a 15u dose, is a myth. It will poison the victim, but not all that much, you'll need a lot more than 15u to get a victim into a state where they'll eventually die, and it's not killing quickly either way.

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Zombie Powder is the only chemical in the game which mutes the victim(prevents talking), making it a premier ganking tool since it also prevents movement. IT doesn't last long, 10 seconds per unit, but if you can get enough, you've got yourself an easy takedown method.

It's not actually very useful for its intended purpose, of faking death. Due to the short lived duration, the fact it damages the subject, and a couple of flaws that make it easy to see through the fakedeath

In a really bizarre little bug, both mercury and lithium when injected, will cause you to move around randomly, but ONLY if you're in space. They will move in random directions you even though you have no leverage to move with

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