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Employment Record: Uriel Evans

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Employment Record:

Name: Evans, Uriel James

Date of Birth: Jun 26, 2419

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Citizenship: Sol Alliance

Religion: Christianty

Martial Status: Single

Languages Spoken: Ceti Basic, Tradeband, Freespeak.

Clearance Level: Command

Employed As: Captain / Pay Grade: Tier Tweleve

Height: 198 cm (6'6")

Weight: 116.12 kg (256 lb)

Identifying Features:

Black hair. Blue eyes. Deep Voice, Tattoo on the back, Cut across the left hand, cut upon the chest.

General Notes:

- Captain of the NSS Aurora

Public Security Notes:

- Has commited crimes in the past. No further notes.

Public Medical Notes:

- Blood Type: A+

- Family: James Evans, Martha Evans, Oak Evans, Rachel Evans, Leah Evans, Kelly Evans, Raven Evans

- Age: Forty One

- DOB: 06/26/2419


Formal Education History:

- High School Completion on Mars

- Masters in Management obtained in Biesel's School of Personnel Training

- Certified by Biesel for Basic First Aid


- Mining 4 Years

- Supply 12 Years

- Command 8 Years

- Security 2 Years

Pre-NanoTrasen Employment History:

- (In the Year of 2433 through the Year of 2437): Working Mining Operations out in Frontier Space (Family Business)

NanoTrasen Employment History:

- (In the Year of 2437, August 21st Through the Year of 2441): Signed on as Cargo Technician, (Four Years)

- (In the Year 2441, May 19th): Promoted to Quarter Master

- (In the Year of 2441 through the Year of 2449): Completed 8 years as a QM, Requested Promotion to Head of Personnel and was accepted.

- (In the Year of 2449 through the Year of 2452): Served as Head of Personnel

- (In the Year of 2452 through the Year of 2454): Requested Transfer to ERT Team Phoniex, in the Tai Ceti Sector.

- (In the Year of 2454 through the Year of Present): Requested Transfer to Captainhood of Station NSS Exodus. Assigned to NSS Aurora

Trained in the following:

- Command Level Three (Degree in Management)

- Regulation level Two (Has learned throughout his time with NT)

- Close Combat Level Two (Learned From Odin Trooper Basic Training)

- Weapons Level Two (Learned From Odin Trooper Basic Training)

- Medicine Level One (Learned From Odin Trooper Basic Training and Basic First Aid from Biesel)

- Engines Level One (Basic Engine knowledge)

- EVA (Passed EVA Course)


EDIT: This is the updated Records, just thought I'd change it so its up to date

Please do give feedback on it

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Age: 38

(In the Year of 2452 to the Year of 2456) : Four Years As a Captain


So he was a Captain at the age of 32/33 which means he wasn't technically qualified as Captain. How did he become one?


As being in a family of trade and commerce, He has had strings to pull, Just as how NT has control over Biesel's Government, with their power, Evans has some strings here and there and called in some Favors

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