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James Houston

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((Just writing for fun. Might add onto it latter.))

CIVIL FILE No. 782742A


---Level 2 Classified Document---

Name: James Houston

Gender: MALE

DoB: 11/01/2438

Age: 20

Martial Status: Engaged with Emily Han


•Born within Sol

•Family Background: Parents status are both deceased.

•Hired as Janitorial staff under Nanotrason corporation

•Fired from position as Janitor due to breach in company regulations.

•Joined unknown mercenary/pirate group(s). Affiliation unknown.

•Last known location: Near NSS Exodus.

Displayed traits






(05/02/2456): Houston visits parents location finding them dead.

(24/02/2456): Houston fired from his job as a Janitor aboard a Nanotrason vessel due to a breach in company regulations.

(10/03/2458): Houston writes letter to and visits EMILY HAN.

(11/4/2457): Houston spotted aboard pirate vessel.

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