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  1. BYOND Key: Printer16 Total Ban Length: Forever Banning staff member's Key: Boyratheslayer Reason of Ban: AFKing at round start Reason for Appeal: I apologize for afking at the start of the round and will go to cryogenic storage if I need to leave for any reason. In hindsight, I left more than I realized and I understand that leaving at all is not acceptable.
  2. I'd understand your point if I wasn't reacting to security talking to me, but I was.
  3. As a note, there is an active staff complaint regarding Klaus Eliade's judgement and actions as an HoS. The complaint is regarding a Staff Member who made a ruling on Eliade's behavior that I disagreed with.
  4. BYOND Key: Printer16 Game ID: b7B-cheu Player Byond Key/Character name: XanderDox b]Staff involved:[/b] N/A told to make this into a complaint. Reason for complaint: I'm making this complaint against Klaus Eliade for what I believe to be poor RP and portrayal of a Head of Security character. To start, this isn't an isolated event. This behavior is common for Klaus Eliade in every round he is in. The following evidence is just one round. I'll give an objective background of the round. The round was wizard/ninja. The wizard dies before the HoS arrives and there are 2 ninjas, with security believing one was dead. Klaus arrives on the station and is briefed with the information. The security line-up was as follows: The HoS proceeds to go to his office and get geared up. He gears up with the following and wears this the rest of the round: The following with my my subjective reasoning as to why his behavior is simply unacceptable. Eliade was front-lining the entire round and looking for valids. He would frequently run around in maint looking for antags. Run into cargo at the report of a ninja. Eventually a call came in to robotics, he sprinted to be first on scene before even dispatching one of his many able-bodied security officers. When the antag wasn't at robotics and was at the security lobby, he sprinted there to confront the antag head-on. (note that he didn't ask for a single backup officer) (Dead chat was omitted to preserve the privacy of some members of dead chat. If staff want an unedited copy please tell me.) Eliade did all of this with not one, but two long weapons and he had full armor and Columbo in tow. To me, this behavior from a whitelisted HoS seems completely unacceptable for what the HoS role is supposed to be and how it's supposed to be portrayed. I do not believe it is acceptable for a whitelisted player with higher expectations to be acting in this manner as an HoS. He had a beefy security roster and had no business being first on-scene (Without dispatching a single additional security officer) over and over again while walking around with full armor and 2 long guns. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes. Told to make this complaint.
  5. BYOND Key: Printer16 Staff BYOND Key: Tbear13 Game ID: b7z-cRuo Reason for complaint: Disagree with Judgement Evidence/logs/etc: It was a vampire round. I was a vampire who was wanted for biting someone and breaching a wall in the SAT room. Fast forward about 20 minutes after hiding, I make my way into the medical bay, in a frenzied state, and grapple a chemist to drain their blood. Security, bar the HoS, arrives and yells at me to back off. I stop draining the chemists blood and move back. Klaus Eliade, the HoS, walks in with lethals, doesn't say a single word, and mag-dumps me with lethals while I stand still, minus me hitting a wall I'm next to once, and while I'm good distance away from him. The events after that are irrelevant to my complaint. I made an ahelp regarding the HoS' questionable use of force and Tbear takes the ahelp and concludes that due to previous IC events he was justified in shooting me without saying a single word or trying to get me to surrender, all the while I was unarmed and standing still while security was actively talking to me. He advised me to make a staff complaint if I disagreed and I told him I would be doing so. Keep in mind prior to both of these events I had only assaulted someone and broke into the SAT for a brief moment. Security had no reason to believe I was armed, nor did they have any encounter with me whatsoever prior to the following. Point where security came in on me draining her blood and told me to stop -- which I did. https://imgur.com/a/tsJtjzk Point where the HoS wordlessly comes in and just mag-dumps me while I'm standing still (Note that at the bottom where I say "uh" is where I'm in complete shock that he just did that) https://imgur.com/a/KxWER9o I don't find it acceptable, even due to prior IC interaction with a DIFFERENT antagonist entirely, to just mag-dump someone who is unarmed and standing still and has not killed anyone which is why I made this complaint. Additional remarks: None.
  6. BYOND Key: Printer16 Total Ban Length:1 year Banning staff member's Key: shadow7889 Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: I decided when I was banned to wait one year before making an appeal. Since then, I've reevaluated my approach to roleplay based SS13 servers and understand that my actions and general approach to Aurora was disruptive to a majority of the players. If I'm unbanned, I plan to refrain from acting how I did previously and hopefully make a more enjoyable experience for others on the server instead of playing to win.
  7. I'll do it so it's a 5 second night mode toggle. If you go in brightly lit areas with night mode on, you get blurriness.
  8. I would rather make it easier to get the autoborger or improve the synthetic tree. What is suggested above is too easy to do and would 100% make the autoborger a piece of trash.
  9. overclock gives increased EMP resistance, increased move speed, flash resistance, and other perks that are not relevant in this case. the downside is you use a lot more power
  10. this is my main concern and why I said it would probably need to be accompanied with a nerf edit: I have an idea for it. You can pick what you turn them into, but each one is temporary and they will revert to their original form after some time. The more dangerous the selected mob, the less time they spend as they mob. That way 1. You can pick what to turn them into, and 2. they aren't permanently removed from the round (I consider being turned into a parrot being removed from the round).
  11. That's a pretty big buff for it though and would have to be balanced with limited used, a long cool-down, or making the change temporary.
  12. It's not inappropriate, it's just almost useless. Without elaboration they can't address your concerns or take them into consideration. Anyways, this sounds awesome.
  13. You don't have to disable all of TCOMS, just NTnet.
  14. when the damage is comparable to a lightsaber... it's not fine as is. energy sword has 30 force while active and costs 8 TC. force gloves enhance this by 2.5 to 75 force for 8 more TC. That's more than the thunderdome axe and you have the bonus of being able to insta grab someone with your other hand. considering how many mobility items there are and how easy it is to pop out of a locker and slash or run up to someone and slash them down in 1 hit... yeah, it's not fair.
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eMt7INL79EtO8wWbvIwalXgUvYCfkY34XteDe5vKSms/edit?usp=sharing
  16. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/issues
  17. The point is it wasn't intentional, didn't cause harm, first time it happened, didn't delay round progression, and didn't block someone else from taking a slot because otherwise someone else would have become HoP. I have nothing else to add without repeating myself.
  18. Where are you getting this time from? I told you I didn't have time to do this.
  19. No one joined as the HoP afaik. What did the ahelp say? Was it a "hey this guys afk." passive ahelp or a "Hey this guys afk and I want to join as the role." I'm assuming the former because no one joined as the HoP. In fact, I believe it was because the wizard stripped me of stuff while I was afk. I'm almost certain of it.
  20. Did anyone actually ahelp or complain in dchat about this? And did anyone actually join as a HoP once I was cryo'd?
  21. You're misunderstanding. I'm saying if you keep voting for a gamemode and have no intention of playing it, and continue to unready to prevent the mode from starting, you're stalling the game, and keeping people from playing. forcing people to ready up wouldn't be too bad of an idea if they do this. Or just let the admins know through an alert.
  22. It's not any form of grief or being a dick to vote for a gamemode you want to be passed. I don't know why you would think this. If I want something and have the option to vote for it, I'm voting for it.
  23. BYOND Key: Printer16 Staff BYOND Key: sebkillerdk Game ID: bTO-cY83 Reason for complaint: Disagree with judgment Evidence/logs/etc: N/A Additional remarks: I received a warning for going AFK as a head of staff. I was away from my computer to get a drink and got a call from my brother asking me to pick him up from his friends house so I left to go get him without thinking of the game. I came back and had a warning for going away as a head of staff. This is the first time I was AFK as a head of staff or any other role for an extended period of time.
  24. all or nothing. All gamemodes but secret should have this applied or none should.
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