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The steam starts first without a camera, just some ticking and tapping on a keyboard with some annoyed sighs and groans. A minute after that, the camera comes to life to show a gray Tajaran shaking it up and down as he lets out a long stream of curse words in Siik'Maas. It takes a few seconds for them to notice the camera is actually turned on, but after he does he places it back on the table and waves. The Tajaran sits in a black fabric computer chair, and behind him is a bedroom, walls painted two different shades of gray and black, black add the bottom, a buffer of dark gray, and then light gray all the way to the ceiling, a queen sized bed and two dark wood dressers. The Tajaran himself is wearing a wife beater of similar colour to his fur, blending almost seamlessly with his body, save for some chinks of fur missing, give show to red/pink skin.

"Ah, hello, he greets everyone. He found this thing because of a friend of his, Uriel. He is Poslan, some of you might know him from the Aurora and Exodus, he works in cargo all of the time there. So, you can ask him any questions you want, and he might have an answer for you."

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Poslan blows some air past his lips, taping at the side of his chin, "Well, assuming that Hammer and Anvil place has the some type of food and cooks as the Exodus, it'll probably all not be so good. But its all probably thrice times as good as his wife's food, so he'd probably eat anything you put in front of his mouth, honestly."

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Poslan reaches down off screen for a moment, coming back with a cane produce in his one hand. The rubber tip pokes against the camera, skewing the view to one side. "Hey, how about he breaks your leg and then we see who can move crates faster. Or maybe bows at ten bases. Or he can just laugh at your face ferret and just assume he's better."

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