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ArcBot - Forum Moderator Application

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Forum Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account: ArcBot

Preferred means of contact: Discord

Age: 18

Timezone: EST

How often do you visit/use our forums?: I visit the forums at least five times a day, possibly even more.


How long have you been with our community: Two months, a little over maybe?

Do you have any experience in forum moderation or administration?: No, but I would love to learn how to moderate a forum, I mean I assume it's only dealing with reported posts, and moving posts to the appropriate forums, etc.

Have you ever been banned from our server or forum, and if so, how long and why?: I have not been banned from the forum, nor the server.


Why do you play SS13?: I love the mechanics of space station 13, the role play, and the whole idea of being a crew on a space station trying to survive.

Why do you play on Aurora?: I honestly play on Aurora for it's robust(heavy) role playing. It's also got an amazing community, I've met a few good friends here now.

What do moderators do?: They moderate the forums, keeping them clean of spam and dealing with any reported posts in a timely manner. They are also able to lock, move, and delete threads.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our community?: It means you're representing the forums/community and should show the best respect and helpful attitude you can. Not making any bias decisions.

Why do you want to be a moderator?: I honestly think it would be pretty cool to be a forum moderator, help out the community a bit more. I would have applied for developer, but Skull, Akrilla, LordFowl and Nanako are much more capable then me.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: Qualities? I don't know to be honest. I'm modest, and I do my best to improve myself when criticism is given to me. I'm also very easy to get along with, even if I have a bad day, I'll always apologize if I feel I made someone upset, or uncomfortable.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I just ignore them, if it's a direct insult to me it goes in one ear out the other, and I move on. I learned this from my first week on Aurora when dealing with an IPC I just couldn't get along with and got in a little argument with staff over it.

Anything Else You Want to Add:

Well, I think I can catch on quickly helping moderate the forums, nothing much else to say. (I'm sorry I couldn't find where to set the prefix of this thread to "forum moderator")

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