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[DISTRESS] We've got a loose end.

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Broadcasting to all Syndicate terminals...
Message relayed! 
Playing back footage:

A brown haired agent appears on-screen. He's geared up in a tacticool turtleneck, but his face is obscured by NVGs, and an airlock behind him is welded shut. Judging by the surroundings, he's probably on a standard operations shuttle.

"We've got a problem," his nervousness apparent in body language, "My teammate's deserting, and my plan to eliminate him failed. Now I've got two angry synthetics slaved to him trying to kill me." He looks back at the door as sounds of welding are heard.

"He tried to desert after our boss died with just these two synthetics and a captured security officer, the AI caught onto us and shot the boss, he died on his way back to the ship, then he threatened the officer without results," The agent speaks hastily after the welding sounds grow louder, "Then he says he wants to evacuate?! He needed surgery so I kept him sedated while I tried to give the prisoner a gun to deal with it. My teammate was a liability. The androids, or whatever they are dealt with him swiftly, and now I'm stuck here, the door should open any minute now." The agent reaches for an STS-35 rifle as the welding noises die down. "Send help to these coordinates, kill anyone matching his description, or he's gonna run off with gosh knows how much credits worth of supplies, and a nuke." Coordinates to an asteroid outpost appear on screen, and a picture of a snow furred Tajaran.


The door rumbles open as the agent starts wildly firing his rifle in its direction. An engineering drone comes in and bashes him several times with a fire extinguisher before it's shot to pieces. The agent is bloody and bruised before another android enters the room along side a very upset Tajaran. The agent raises his rifle to fire before he's gunned down by the tajaran.


The camera lens gets covered in blood, before being shot and turning to static.

(OOC: Just the story of a nuke ops round where the antags infighted, and did not reach the station. (I thought that heads were going to roll for that round.)

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