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  1. Thanks for the response! My plan with this lore app is to have an independent planet resting between the Frontier Alliance and Sol Alliance (starting out as a breakaway of Sol), with plans to form an alliance with Dominia and possibly other planets in the lore. I left out the specific details of the alliance they want to form because the app was becoming too large to be readable and seems in-depth enough to become its own thing.
  2. Iirc, it's where the captain will get a questionable order (i remember one such being a bluespace disease and having orders to incinerate the infected if a cure fails) while another command member will have to stop it from happening. There was also something about a disc the rev head would have to secure to stop it. tldr objectives driven rev with heads
  3. Just want to throw my two cents in here but I've had amazing experiences with being alone on a derelict, including but not limited to being a Trinary Perfection pod survivor who crashed on the prison station and had to techpriest an AI off it while avoiding the turrets. Having actual human players in a derelict allows expeditions to be much more interactive and closer to the Star Trek episodes they were meant to be, especially when they're alreay getting so stale as for crew to be hoping for certain derelicts when they get their scanning report. Brutish sums up my point when he describes a shell shocked soldier taking potshots with a rinky dink service pistol. If this (I hope) gets implemented, then we also have to talk about when and how to spawn these guys. I personally think having two to three random spawner slots open at the start or thirty minutes into the round can already make for interesting albeit isolated RP, but if everyone's concerned about these two or three guys soloing the derelict before an expedition gets there (although that's a bit of a feat, especially with the PRA derelict), then some sort of check can be made to only allow the spawner a certain amount of time into the round, or when the expedition shuttle launches. I also think derelict survivors shouldn't get so much of an exposition/backstory when they spawn that way they can just make their own up on the spot allowing for more freedom. Anyway, that's just my two cents, and this get a big fat +1!
  4. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): An independent planet standing against both Sol and the Frontier. How will this be reflected on-station? Like all the other planet proposals out there, this gives players the opportunity for more backstories and gimmicks. The nature of the faction also presents new lore opportunities and gimmicks especially for off-station characters. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? It attempts to establish a neutral block, similar to Dominia, which isn’t affiliated between the major players while trying to connect our older Coalition of Colonies lore to the present. It also provides a potential background for ex-military characters. It also acts as a connection to Dominia, and more specifically their influence in the galaxy other than this weird anti-synth empire. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore?: I think factions, especially ones which can have a big impact on the galactic geography, should be given to the lore developers to be used as tools for advancing the lore in whatever way they see fit. Factions should also be given to the lore devs that way players can make characters from a faction as opposed to it being shared between only one or two people. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee?: Yes. Long Description: https://imgur.com/a/gAstcYg (Supplementary photos) Republic of Port Terrence Summary A colony of offworlders, deserting soldiers, and megacorporate assets standing against both Sol and the Frontier, the Free Republic of Port Terrence declared their independence from the Alliance after the central government’s disapproval of their handling of a pro-Frontier insurgency. Alone and between giants, they now seek to form a faction of their own with other young planets for mutual protection while dealing with violence at home. History Politics Geography Notable Cities Culture Fauna and Flora Population Demographics Military Foreign Policy (A big thanks to Mwahahahaha, Simfantic, BoryaTheSlayer and The lancer for helping me out with this!) Quick edit: If this ever gets passed, I sprited a voidsuit for merc and heister gimmicks using this faction. port_terrence.dmi
  5. Floatsam play despacito As someone who's helped with the app, I can safely say that Nienna's put in a lot of time to working on a believable IPC and I'm confident that they won't do anything too snowflakey or unrealistic with their whitelist. I like the idea that it's attached to their older creations and a synthetic who has to contend with a life of having to jump from body to body and being used in whatever capacity their owner wanted to put it in. I hope the whole social difference between humans and IPCs is explored in depth given at the end of the day, Flotsam is property. This app gets a +1 from me.
  6. Just gonna drop in my two cents here based on some rounds I've been in with them as interim/actual CMO. ICly, they play a decent enough head as Alice White, no major outbursts or drama as a CMO. I can't speak to their HoP as I haven't been in enough rounds with them to judge. OOCly, they know what they're doing as a head, generally delegating and keeping people in a department participated in a round. They also generally know not to valid-salad an antag as a command member, which is really good for keeping a round going. This gets my +1.
  7. Borya plays a solid biomechanical engineer and cyborg game, always keeping in communication with the AI, and generally keeping in character. I've had nothing but good RP experiences with them, and generally a really good OOC attitude. Vesper's backstory isn't snowflake-y and touches on a few aspects of IPCs such as being bought and sold, and of course, the Frost invasion. Finally, I love how they touch on the IPCs don't think or act like humans in the app which is something I think should be touched on more in IPCs and synthetics in general. This app gets a +1 from me.
  8. I mean, everyone else is pretty neat too.
  9. Eve RPs well and the backstory is solid, no room for snowflake or inconsistency, I like how they focus on how an IPC is stuck to its utiliton values and general inability to process human emotion. I've had good interactions with them as station synthetics and PAIs. +1
  10. Everyone's forgetting the important bit. If we have ERT jumpsuits, we need ERT claymores, if we have sec jumpsuits, we need sec claymores. In all seriousness, a sec-kilt seems a bit odd and the closest thing we might reasonably be able to come to in a corporate setting with heavy machinery like the Aurora is a security jumpskirt/dress uniform for formal occasions.
  11. Digging past the whole ECT, isolation, and hypnotherapy rooms, it's a bit odd for a space station to have such a large psychiatry wing, not to mention the fact that a lot of these solutions are outdated. I think the go-to for a lot of our brain damage issues that are largely mechanical should involve surgery as like everyone's saying, electroshock in the 25th century is a bit odd. Considering we have a lot of incredibly powerful medicine, I like the idea of psychiatry being limited to surgery and temporary medicine that need to be topped up to keep the effects from happening. That said, if we implement ECT, it should come with consequences as a little burn damage and HALLOSS seems a bit small for directly zapping someone's brain and resorting to antiquated methods should produce a lot of consequences like amnesia or such as the price of getting your arms and legs back or losing your imaginary friend. Hypnosis is a bit kooky and if it's implemented, it should be mostly fluff. The chaplain could be interesting if we implement cult-based brain traumas like seeing demons with the chaplain having a way of "expelling" them. All things considered, I'm not really knowledgeable in IRL psychology so I'll leave the alternatives to those who are. Right now I think it's just about finding a balance between fluff and mechanics.
  12. Munks has some extremely realistic characters and just this app alone tells me that this is gonna be another realistic character. As for RP, they do it really well. Their OOC conduct isn't so bad compared to some of the salt we get. I'm looking forward to this character, but given the situations IAA gets, I'm worried this is gonna turn into another hanged cat beast. +1.
  13. ODIN is a good boy. ODIN is a humanbot, but to be fair, most synths are, and far worse has been done. Sytic seems to get RPing a synthetic and the backstory covers why ODIN is a humanbot. OOCly, Sytic seems cool enough. This gets my +1.
  14. You'll be missed. Good luck with real life!
  15. The Stryker

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