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  1. BYOND key: The Stryker Discord name/id: Stryker#2886 Borg / AI names: Charles Pierce-Rousseau (AI) Have you read the Aurora wiki page about the AI?: Yes. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: My AI is the only character I've played recently and feel inclined to play. Additionally, I really enjoy the AI gameplay as well as the interaction it provides with other departments. It's interesting that an AI is involved in quite literally everything, and yet so detached from the crew. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?: I've been bwoinked in the p
  2. Thanks for applying! This is an interesting application but I have some comments. I appreciate the focus on IPCs as being built for a purpose, but don't worry about experimenting with these frames! Just because a Xion is space-proof doesn't make the roleplay any less significant if you're in the station. Can you elaborate more with IPC communication? What makes it so different from organics who theoretically have to be professional at work? Is there more to IPC communication aside from looking good/professional? This is an interesting point although it's not necessarily
  3. Thanks for applying! I have some concerns with this application. How so? Although IPCs can be similar to humans, there are a few differences, could you elaborate on the behavior of an IPC as opposed to a human, especially in their thought process? How about the position of IPCs in the universe? Do you mean a baseline (with the monitor head) or a Bishop frame IPC? Mechanically and lorewise, they're different. Could you expand on SVC's backstory? How did he decide to go into the service department? Was SVC built for it? Is he owned? Free? IPCs are mostly opti
  4. I like the detail put into the backstory but I have to raise a few points, My first question is where Valeria got the impulse to protest? Was it innate in the programming? This seems like a fairly free action to take for an owned IPC. Can you expand on this? How did Valeria form these friendships? How did it affect them (and their perception of the world), especially since much later on you go back to the idea of Valeria discovering friendship? More over, how did Valeria move from simply focusing on work to deciding friendships were something to cultivate? As a sid
  5. While I'm fine with the current headsets, the new adjustments make them better, especially with the non-colored antenna and microphones.
  6. I think coloring the antenna of the headset (medical, science, robotics, especially) kind of takes away from the layering look that you can see on the command headsets. Perhaps try a darker shade if you want to stick with the colored antenna?
  7. Given the amount of characters involved, we wanted to make sure this was a decision everyone was onboard with as opposed to "suddenly my character backstory is kind of unrealistic." For the whole you hit all the points we wanted to tackle here: No change and things stay the same, the older they get, the more "normalized" they get and indeed we're going to have to rewrite things such as Solarian IPC rights as you said. 30 years, after all, is enough time for a whole other generation of Solarians to have lived with machines their whole lives.
  8. If we're going to go polymer and cheap, a black or that sort of poorly-molded plastic would suit better perhaps. I prefer the rustic look on the wood but that's personal preference. If we're going to keep the blue, like you said, something more saturated and contrasting to the armor itself. I have my own "if it ain't broke don't fix it" concerns regarding the change in calibers but that seems fine. The increased magazine sizes are nice and further increases the idea that shit has hit the fan when you see these weapons. A random thought, the Z8 is used in a civilian application
  9. Personally, I disagree with removing the clerical module simply because even if you shift the tools to another module, that changes the expectation of the cyborg and it's suddenly bwoinkable/reportable for a whole slew of other activities. I don't think we should be cutting things down for the sake of "utility" as this is a roleplaying game first and foremost. Additionally, we don't always hit the borg cap. Regardless, if people want clerical to go, this seems to be the best way to go about it. What about the capacity of a pen for every borg to give that limited clerical capacity to every
  10. Whitelisting seems like a duct-tape solution (how can people try AI and get good at it if it's behind a lock?), even with a trial where they can get run out over the span of that one week, but it seems to be better than no whitelist (although whitelists don't catch all the shittery). I will say that we do get good and great AIs even without a whitelist (RIP Mistress...) This is a bit of a community issue where there's a sort of focus on "winning", especially since the AI can quite literally snap its fingers and trap traitors in a room with bolts. Perhaps nerfing the AI, getting rid of fol
  11. Interesting character concept. I like that you focused on how an IPC thinks as opposed to organics, versus how an IPC is treated as opposed to organics. That being said, I do have a few quick questions. How do IPCs differ from humans and other aliens in society? (vis a vis, how they're treated or where they fit into it.) This next one seems like it can be answered ICly, so feel free not to answer this if you'd rather keep certain details of the character hidden. How did Facsimile come across a desire for freedom? How did it realize that freedom was something to be desired, es
  12. Thanks for applying! This is an entertaining app but I still have a few questions. You've captured the essence of an IPC's life - they are indeed marginalized and discriminated by the galaxy at large. Setting aside the way people treat it, what makes an IPC different as compared to a human? Not to say that an IPC should be emotionless, but doesn't that mean the character is already experiencing emotions? I understand that NanoTrasen collaborated with Zeng-Hu, but who was the lead? In our lore, NanoTrasen isn't known to produce IPCs. Up to you if you'd rather not
  13. The argument of removing RnD aside (although I'm for keeping it), it seems ridiculous that a research station would have so many break rooms when they have a full scale bar that's almost as big as research. Assuming we remove RnD, researchers still need space to make their prototypes and removing the already cramped (ICly, at least) RnD Lab is not the way to go about it. If we must have a break room, maybe utilize maintenance space because research has a ton of it. Tl:dr we're a research station, we should have some labs instead of erp break rooms
  14. Everything seems a bit too drained and desaturated with the new textures, it's also hard to tell where one tile starts and stops. Plus I have to echo everyone else's complaint that the white is too subdued/blurry. I'd personally prefer a slightly greyer floor tile like what we had in the old textures. The new scrubber also blends too much into the floor, I think. It seems more like a random hole tacked on instead of a device built into it. The dark tiles carry at least a bit more outline than the grey tiles, but everything tends to feel muted and the same after a while. I preferred
  15. Thanks for applying! The application seems good, so only a few questions from me. Is Mable a shell? According to our lore, the first shells were made in 2455 which, even so, looked uncanny and artificial. Furthermore, if not a shell, why contract Einstein Engines to help (not to say that anything has to change, simply clarification)? There's this. And this. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but how does this resentment carry through despite the removal of Mable's emotional response and simulation? I love the character concept, but I'm wondering, how did all
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