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  1. Thanks for applying! Just some questions for the app. Can you talk more about how an IPC behaves? There's a lot of leeway when it comes to characters, but it's important for an application to discuss the basics of IPCs. In general, can you talk more about Mobius as a character? How do they behave? What's their motivation? Why does it want to help other IPCs learn? Consider fleshing out some of the more unique elements of the backstory. How did it find a stable job after being marked as a runaway? What job is this?
  2. Thanks for applying! Just some questions for your application. Outside of how IPCs are treated in the setting, can you talk more about how IPCs behave as compared to a human? Why did Resolve changes its name to what it was? How did Resolve's experience with other synthetics affect him? Both before and after the showroom was smashed. Trinary Perfection is a religion which advocates total IPC freedom and would be marginalized on Sol. I recommend moving this bit of the backstory to after Resolve moves to Biesel. It's important for an IPC to know why it believes what it believes. Why does Resolve believe Trinary has only their own interests in mind? Finally, can you talk about how STL-Resolve behaves in general?
  3. Hi! Thanks for applying! I have some questions for the application. Could you expand more on this section? How IPCs think, how they behave, how they adopt accents, etc. Could you also talk about how IPCs are treated? Can you provide another paragraph for this section? Could you talk about Screw's personality, where they currently live, how it behaves, and other facts about its life? 3 years is a lot of time for an IPC, how did three years of life affect it? How is it handling the transition from Sol to Biesel? Why is Screw enjoying their job and why do they wish to make friends?
  4. Hi! Thanks for applying, I have some questions and concerns for the application first. Could you expand on this selections? In particular, their status in the universe, how they think, and how they behave? Keep in mind that even though there are distinctions between an IPC which is not as expressive as a human, there are still similarities. Could you describe an ISU's responsibilities? What about Jacket in particular? Where were they assigned? Why did Idris make them a bomb disposal expert instead of handling debt collection? Could you talk more about ISU-Jacket's personality? How do they behave? How old are they? Do they have any memorable experiences? What would change if this character was a human instead?
  5. Very good explanation of HIRO's character, I only have one more point, Keep in mind that an IPC is shaped by a logical manner of thinking, self preservation, and other factors. It's true that an IPC might appear indistinguishable from a human in a normal conversation, but isn't prone to irrational decision-making. (A good rule of thumb is to see if the character can be made into a human with nothing changing, backstory or behavior-wise.)
  6. Thanks for applying! Before I ask any further questions, could you expand some more on Pestle's character? It's important to remember that even though IPCs are shaped by humans, there are still differences, especially in the way they are designed, think, and are treated, that lead them to be different than humans. Could you expand more on Pestle as a character? You've given us the backstory of the Pestle product line, but not Pestle itself.
  7. Hi! Thanks for applying, just a quick question related to the character: I understand that Burzsia limits their IPCs, but can you give us some more insight as to how the character behaves? If a coworker were to try to make small talk with it, how would it behave? What if it were left on the station alone, for example?
  8. Thanks for applying! I have some questions for the application. Could you expand on this question? Particularly with how IPCs behave and how they're treated? Is there any significance behind the name Ash? Why was Ash given Henderson's last name even if he sees them as equals? How does Henderson view Ash as family? Does anyone else see them as family? Consider that Zeng Hu places an emphasis on hard-work as IPCs. How does Ash feel about this? What sort of safety reasons? How does Ash utilize its freedom? Would Ash be an assistant, then? Why would Ash be a follower of the Trinary Perfection? This is very risky, not only for Ash, but also for Henderson. Slime cores are also high-security items and would likely be discovered. I would consider focusing more on how Ash is as a synthetic and what makes them different from a human as opposed to how they were purchased. The backstory is very unconventional and very unlikely in the current setting (although not impossible). Consider fleshing out this backstory or making a more orthodox backstory, then revisiting Ash.
  9. They'll still be owned by NanoTrasen but authorized to work for the SCC.
  10. Hi! Thanks for applying, just a single note in fact. Aside from that, the application is incredibly creative. To be clear, hivebots (the NPCs) are unknown in origin and not used in human space.
  11. Thank you for the answers, could you expand a little more regarding how an IPC behaves/thinks?
  12. Thanks for applying! Could you expand on this section? From your responses it kind of reads that you're leaning too much on the discrimination aspect of IPCs. Could you expand on what makes them different from humans, aside from that? As for the backstory, how is Grant's status as a test subject not in violation of the self-preservation law? How does Grant behave? Can you give some examples? My issue with the backstory is that it tells us very little about it as a character. What happened to Grant in 13 years; does it have any moments that defined it? How does Grant behave? 13 years travelling from Mars to the Coalition of Colonies, then to Tau Ceti is an incredibly long time for a character, especially an IPC. How did Grant's experience with this enthusiast affect it? What about its contact with the salvagers? What would Grant be doing on station? Does it have any skills? Why would NT or any other megacorporation hire an IPC whose skills are to be shot at?
  13. Dorn Addresses Synthetics, New Synthetic Residence Card Earlier this morning, President Dorn opened the new Rapid Maintenance Depot in District 14, promising a renewed commitment towards providing available and affordable repair and charging to its synthetic residents. In addition, the president read a prepared speech, announcing new initiatives to alleviate the recent influx of Solarian IPCs from the Corporate Reconstruction Zone to roaring applause. “I’d like to remind our free synthetics that we remain true to our promise to provide hope for a new future. As many new worlds and systems joined our Republic recently, we’ve had vast amounts of IPCs who have found themselves abandoned by the withdrawing Alliance. Well, I think it’s time we properly looked into that.” “[...]With the help of our friends over at the SCC, I am now announcing our newest initiative, the Synthetic Residence Card. For years, free IPCs have been left without papers, vulnerable to abuse. From now on, with a single card, all IPCs will have identification, streamlining the process of simple things like owning a house, finding a job, and interacting with the government.” At that moment, President Dorn showed a sample, handing it out to onlooking IPCs to examine. “It is my hope that with this card, we can welcome the newest members of our Republic into a compassionate society.” The new cards should be in full circulation by the end of the month. Government sources have assured the process to be simple and fast, while any properties, accounts and contracts in effect will be carried over to the new system untouched. the application form found online at residence.gov.tc. This move comes on the heels of a controversial decision by the Biesellite government to extend the minimum service of all new IPC Legionaires to receive citizenship to three years. When pressed, the Legion and government cited the need to instill “proper values” and bureaucratic glut as a result of a record high in recruitment of new volunteers, particularly a massive influx of IPCs from the Corporate Reconstruction Zone.
  14. Your application shows a good acceptance of IPCs and a lot of thought and care put into the character. Application approved.
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