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Nobilis Interest Thread

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What is Nobilis?

It's a game.


It's name is derived from Noble, which you are (or aren't, I suppose, you're kinda a jerk sometimes, but don't worry, it's not that kinda noble), which is to say that one day, someone went and stuck am 'ol fundamental block of reality into your soul.

So you're kinda a god now.

A very small one, master (and so much more), of your tiny little fundamental reality block; be it something like Storm, Ice, Heat, Garbage, Cute Cat Pictures, or Inconvenient Beverage spills.

Whatever it is, it's entered your very soul, and resides there now, kinda like how things like truth and love reside in Disney protagonist's hearts. It's become a fundamental part of you, and you a part of it, like your spleen.

You're now a Noble, plural: Nobilis (eh, see, I don't go too off track), and you're god over your estate (said tiny block of reality and all things connected).

Alas, we're not quite done with the terminology, which is about to drop like, well, really any number of metaphors or play on words with the word drop. (seriously, you could drop a beat, move, acid, balls, glass, a bear, whatever, I'm not the noble of wordplay.)

So you're a Noble, you have an estate, and you got said estate shoved into your soul by your new boss, your Imperator, Imperators are you what you are to, I dunno, a badly written college thesis on your estate. (like, really bad) If you're one with a fundamental force of reality, an Imperator is literally a fundamental force of reality. They are larger then life, older then time (or /are/ time itself), and are beyond comprehension by any sort of human logic. They might try to look or act humanish, but they're most certainly not. They're reality itself, strange and warped as they might be.

They are also your landlord, since you'll spend much of your time milling around their Chancel, their own little world, built in their image, or perhaps someone else's image who they stole and didn't accredit because, seriously, what are they going to do, sue reality? (Even the Nobilis who have estates relating to Law, Loopholes, or Lawyers will agree that attempting to sue a Imperator is a Bad Idea) Perhaps this means you have to live in a world populated by the personifications of Tv Shows, with canceled shows thrown into a desolate waste to rot into rerun, or worse, reboot monsters. Perhaps you'll have to rub shoulders with Balloon people, and make sure to file your nails dull and leave all pointy things at the door. Maybe you'll have to claw your way through apocalyptic horrors while on your way to midday tea, although being on time isn't so much an issue when the eternal gloom makes midday a rather absurd construct.

So you're a Noble, with an Estate, and you work for/room with your Imperator and the rest of their court of Nobles in their Chancel. There, that terminology wasn't so hard. Now you just need to remember that you're supposed to fight the Excrucians (who are kinda like you only trying to corrupt and tear the universe apart, but seriously, who cares about that), can perform Miracles( what else do you call the powers of a god?), engage in the petty politics of the Nobilis, and whatever else you or your Imperator want.

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So Nobilis is a game in which you're a god.

A limited god, yes, but a god nevertheless.

As a result, combat isn't a big issue, with most of the actual conflict either being interpersonal, or consisting of elaborate schemes and machinations then of sword swinging and gunshots.

You could still just sword your enemies if you wanted.

That can work, if they're weak enough (read, not a god or god-like)

But issues like collateral damage, prestige, and frank amount of effort involved are deterrents to having god fights.

Expect tea parties, metaphysical schemes, proxy wars, and ping-pong games.

It's also lighter on stats then other such games, and doesn't really use dice.

It's a roleplaying game with an all caps HEAVY before it.

So, if you're interested, post or PM me, preferably with a bit on why you're interested so I can know how to make things go to make it fun for you if we actually do this.

Also, this will probably be a "have a text-chat meeting a week at a certain time" sorta game, rather then a forum post one, so giving me some free times that you could have a meeting for would be nice.

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Which edition were you thinking about?

I met Jenna Moran once; marvelous person. Did some work with her publisher, and had some wild nights with them. Not with Jenna herself, she's more of a homebody - but the people she works with are party animals. Had some really good Chinese-style Japanese-style Korean food with them, but the restaurant went out of business.

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