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Cryo and a red alert?

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Don't take this as gospel because I am not as sure on this as other things, but from what I've seen flung around, people in cryo are stored in the station, and then when the crew transfer/red alert emergency evac docks, they are all transferred onto the shuttle (somehow, purrhaps it's a tube that goes under the station so we can't see it) and moved to CC to be defrosted or something.

I've never actually seen such things discussed on forums but I have seen such flung around in-game more then once.

They definitely aren't teleported though, lore can't really deal with the implications of long-range teleport so that wouldn't really work, the Gateway is an oddity from the code transfer that isn't going to stay.

Apparently I was wrong about the Gateway thing, cryo mens still don't get teleported anyways.

(Shame we can't blow up all the human popsicles on-station for some fun murder)

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